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Earlier in the year Poodle was the recipient of a Jatamansi Award, more of which will be coming soon. You may know Poodle as The Kerosene Queen over at Australian Perfume Junkies or from her considered, considerate and considerable comments on fragrance websites. This weekend Poodle is off to The Sniffapalooza Fall Ball in New York where she will meet The Scented Hound (who will be disguised as a perky Perfume Mule), Hajusuuri, Michelyn, Nancy, Ari, Joan and Bacon Biscuit. Also in town will be The Goodsmellas which includes Ed Libassi, Carlos Powell and Rich Scardaville.

Guest Post by Poodle

Kenzo Air by Maurice Roucel – 2003

I love men’s fragrances. I have many bottles in my collection and at times I find that I wear so-called men’s scents more than the ones marketed towards women. I love the notes; the spices, the incense, the woods. Sure, those notes are found in women’s scents too but not at the same intensity usually.

I used to smell men’s fragrances and fall in love and wish that I would meet a guy who would wear it. It never happened. I remember even as a teenager, being at the mall and spraying a tissue with a favorite men’s scent. I’d bring it home and tuck it in my sock drawer or pillowcase so I could smell it and enjoy it but I’d never think of wearing it. I didn’t want to smell like a guy.

One of the first men’s perfumes that I fell hard for and changed my way of thinking was Kenzo Air. I had received a sample of it with a Sephora order and when I sniffed it I was instantly taken to a happy place. I believe some people would use the word swoon. I swooned. Did I rush to the computer or the store and get a bottle? No. It was for men. Did my husband like it? Not really. But, oh, I wanted that stuff. As time went I on wanted it for me. By that point it had become really, really hard to find so I had to resort to eBay to get some. But I did, and it is a favorite that I wear just for me. I don’t care if it smells masculine to most people because to me it smells fabulous.

Kenzo Air opens with a burst of anise. It’s got a strong licorice smell but it’s not sweet like candy. It’s more herbal and earthy. I can smell the cedar in it as well right away. The cedar is both the fresh needles of the tree as well as the fragrant wood. The anise fades a bit but it seems to linger well into the dry down on me. There is a peppery quality to the scent as well but it’s not harsh at all. The vetiver is wonderful in this and it, along with the woods turn this into an almost meditative scent. I’ve never been to a mountain temple but I could imagine it would smell like Kenzo Air. Somehow it really manages to smell fresh. This fresh air is far from oceanic though. Imagine taking a hike (or in my case it would be a drive) up to a scenic mountain overlook and stopping and taking in a big breath of fresh air. That’s how this smells to me. Although it’s not listed as a note, I get incense in the heart of this fragrance as well. The amber in the base is barely detectable to my nose but the touch of it does keep the whole scent from feeling too cold and distant.

Air is one of the few fragrances I own that I spray on only when I know I can huff my wrist for a while. Perhaps that’s why they named it Air because you just want to keep taking deep breaths of it. I know I usually love the richer, heavier scents but this isn’t one of those. It’s noticeable but not suffocating. On the right man this must be amazing.

Have you tried Kenzo Air? Do you have any scents you wear just for you?

Kenzo Air
Perfumer: Maurice Roucel
Released: 2003
Classification: Woods
Notes – anise, bergamot, vetiver, cedar, woods, amber

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16 responses to “Wrist Huffer

    • Thank you! I really do love this one. It baffles me that it isn’t/wasn’t more popular. Do try it if you get the chance.

    • It’s like meditation in a bottle for me. Find it and give yourself a good spritz. Then, just inhale…
      Hugs to you my dear.

  1. Poodle! What a wonderful review! I can’t wait to meet you (and Houndie) and dear baconbiscuit with whom I’ve traversed NYC’s downtown perfumeries as well as midtown when she was kind enough to meet me there several times.

    • Thanks so much! I’m looking forward to meeting you as well. I have a feelin it’s going to be a whirlwind of a day.

  2. Poodles, poodles everywhere. My dear, you are showing up everywhere! And I need to hear about Jatamansi Award. I have never experienced Kenzo Air, but I have the feeling it’s not for me… but that beautiful bottle… I love it. I know everyone is tired of hearing about my love of Ysatis, but that’s my secret scent. I wear it probably 4 nights a week when I’m home and not going out. I cannot get enough of it and as you know it’s very loud and feminine. Maybe it’s my secret hidden drag queen trying to come out of the closet… LOL. But I certainly understand your obsession. Great review…xoxoxoox

  3. I don’t remember if I’ve ever tried Air but you made it sound great with your review.

    I wear most of my perfumes for myself so I do not need to have a special one 🙂

    [off topic]
    I’m sooo envious of your upcoming meeting with all the wonderful people you’regoing to meet!
    [/off topic]

    • I wear almost all for myself too but some of the less “girly” ones I wear when hubby isn’t around. I was testing something one day and he said I smelled like his boss. Not good.
      I’m hoping it will be a fun time meeting everyone. I’m also hoping I have some good stories to tell when I get back.

  4. Air sounds wonderful! I’ve never tried it, but had a similar experience just the other day when I tested Vetiver of Haiti from The 7 Virtues. My husband thought it too masculine, but I couldn’t (and still can’t) get enough of it. Tried to get him to wear it for me (figuring he might like the idea of it acting as a wife-magnet), but no luck yet.

    • Husbands are so darn difficult sometimes. I wear (heaven forgive me) Dot (!) because he likes it. Yes the Marc Jacobs spotted bottle stuff. Yet mine won’t wear this. I have gotten him to wear A*men so that’s progress.
      I’m going to have to try that Vetiver. I bet I’d like it.

  5. I’m like you, Poodle. I prefer the woods/incense/spices as well, not to mention they love my skin. I haven’t tried Kenzo Air, but it sounds wonderful. Right now my fave men’s frag would probably be Eau des Baux by L’Occitane. As far as wearing for myself, most of my collection is like that; if The Engineer likes it it’s a side-benefit, but not the driving force behind my collection.

    • I’m going to look for Eau des Baux next time I’m at the mall. I don’t go into L’Occitane too often. One of their SA’s just latches on and will not leave me be so I only go when she’s not there.

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