A Poem to a Pretty Flower

By brie.

There is a beautiful woman with porcelain skin
Into her delicious kitchen she took me in
We gorged on Sweetniks with absolute glee,
Lavender, violet,  orange blossom candies and a cup of tea.

By a pretty flower her name does go
Yet I affectionately call her Doctor Bow.
She cooks with style and is so cool,
and her pasta e fagioli makes me drool.

She turned me into a bacon lover,
I devour spiced bacon nougats like no other!

A lover of fragrance with amplified sillage,
To her great taste in perfume I pay hommage.
For Fils de Dieu she made me fall,
Truly she is the most delicious pal of all!

ELdO' Fils de Dieu

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