Your Fate has arrived

The Fragrant Man

Amouage Fate
Fate Man is like an explorer who went far far away and is still coming back. You can smell something on the wind; you think it might be him but you cannot see him. He brings with him a newly discovered spice, drier than dry, which has been rough ground by a pestle with shavings of wormwood bark. The flecks of cumin dust in the air are what has alerted you to his return. When the wind turns warm with ginger root you know something good is coming your way and you anticipate the saffron you had sent him forth to find. Sarsaparilla roots, copahu resin and camphorous cedarwood weave through the winds which are blowing stronger now. Whoosh, you know that the explorer has arrived when the swirling frankincense parts to reveal your Fate.

Suddenly you are surrounded by teams of mules carrying saddlebags of lavandin and granules of…

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3 responses to “Your Fate has arrived

  1. Bloody hell. I have been having problems with my WordPress and cleared out seemingly sleeping/dead blogs yesterday. The Fragrant Man was one of them. Got up this morning and there you are, large as life in my Twitter feed. Must be Fate. LMAO. Good to see you. I have some Fate Woman but not tried the Man. I surely will. Bussis. ❤

    • Definitely a sleeping blog Cookie Queen! Really I had no interest in keeping up with the deluge of releases when I had already found so many ‘fumes that I love but have yet to purchase full bottles of; like Fate Man. I did have this one as a bottle and I took it to live with me in Chiang Mai which is a walled city nested amongst the last foothills of the Himalayas. Unfortunately I did not keep it in the fridge and it became a whole new tropical fragrance as all the finesse of this release bubbled and burnt itself in the constant heat.
      I have looked at a few of the Best of 2016 posts and I hardly recognize a scent or even some of the brands. Fate Woman is a modern masterpiece and I waft that one several times a year as it is safely stashed in the cooler climes of New Zealand.
      All the best of everything to you for 2017 and beyond. Now, open up your arms and raise them to the sky and be prepared to embrace armloads of blessings.

  2. Greetings From Houston Texas !
    As a total fragrance “whore(sorry.. been called that most of my adult life from friends and family)”, I chanced upon a wonderful story of yours via Not sure where to begin and I’m not wanting my post to become a dissertation.
    My comment has more to do with other fragrances than Fate Man.
    Over the past ten plus years I’ve had this obsession with Oud based fragrances(well, pretty much all exotic middle eastern fragrances). Having limited retail stores that would carry such scents, I’ve been relegated to the pricier specialty shops(Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Ave). Some of the higher end frangrance houses I’ve purchased runs the gamut from Kilian, Francis Kurkdjian, to Le Lebo. All of which are quite pricy..
    recently, I met a man from Kuwait at a party who was wearing the most intoxicating scent. He smelled like teak wood and spices.
    I followed him around surreptitiously for a good hour or so until I could garner up the
    Courage to ask him what he was wearing. He mentioned a company I had never heard of. Surrati Perfumes.
    I searched for this company online and found little info. eBay had some of their oils.
    But since he never told me the actual name, I was a bit lost.
    Needless to say, I did ultimately order a few different ones online blindly.
    Black Oud, Dehan Al Oud, and another called XX.
    All of them smelled completely different than the pricier ones I’ve purchased before
    But in an entirely different way. Almost like how a place of worship
    Might smell.
    Anyway, I have no clue if these are synthetic or considered cheap in the world of fragrances but since I’ve been experimenting with them have gotten
    So many compliments….
    Curious if you had ever heard of this company or brands..
    Many thanks and Happy New Year…!

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