Fragrant Flower – Portland

By Hannah JV.



Spotted in rainy Portland, Oregon, these flowers are very fragrant when wet.

Does anyone know their name? Kampot Peppercorns for the person who correctly identifies these flowers. Last time we did this a woman in Croatia identified a flower on Waiheke Island in New Zealand.

Further Reading
Introducing Hannah JV
Portland is also the home of Donna Hathaway, the Portland Fragrance Examiner

7 responses to “Fragrant Flower – Portland

  1. They look just like the flowers of the Japanese Snowbell – Styrax Japonica. Mine are mostly done blooming, but I still have some in bloom higher up.

  2. Kampot Peppercorns for everyone!
    ie: Everyone who answered, whether correctly or not.

    Please send your postal address via the Contact button (near top, right hand side, under About).

    The answer Stryax japanica.

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