Noora, Nazareth and Gold

Noora, Nazareth and Gold

This season this magi is presenting Noora, Nazareth and Gold to the baby Jesus, who is known as The Prophet Isa in the lands of frankincense and myrrh.



Noora is a mukhallat with rose, jasmine, marigold, mimosa, saffron, red berries, oud, sandalwood, musk and vanilla, none of which I can smell. The wonders of marketing imagination! To me, Noora is more like a blend of plum, orange, honey and ginger, with a delightful zephyr of hyacinth. Very synthetic in the modern way but this Swish Arabian is also very enticing – so enticing that when I received a complimentary sample with another purchase from Saudi Arabia I ordered a full flacon the next day. And what a flacon! With a perfect applicator! Endure the shriek of an opening for a dazzling dry down which will have you camel riding, star following and hearing angels sing. Musette thought it was like an unidentifiable blossom dipped in wild honey but maybe she was describing herself? Noora means divine light.

You may also like Swiss Arabian’s Zahra – A Marigold Oriental. Fragrantica commenter Sumukorento describes it thus: “Like Egyptian musk oil + The Boucheron Trouble drydown. Love that.”

Oils are all about constant reapplication. Ha, that’s what I thought but no they are not.



Nazareth. This is a scent I discovered last year at a perfume masterclass in December. It stayed on my mind. Not realizing it was a seasonal release I couldn’t buy it in March when it was still blowing through the scentmills of my mind. Then just last week I was an hour early for a meeting and wandered into World where they were unpacking their annual supply of this scent. Nazareth is a candle by Cire Trudon, a Christmas candle which wafts a whisper of frankincense and billows of cinnamon, orange, and clove from a ruby red holder. Burn for a hour, an hour before you want a scented room. Trim that wick before reigniting. Bees and other pollinators receive protection from this candle as a percentage of sales goes to Terre d’Abeilles.

Gold – well I am going with the gold bukhoor burner to smeek some oud chips from Ensar.

Khao Yai Oud Wood

Khao Yai Oud Wood Chip

If you prefer ‘through alcohol’ rather than through smoke then Amouage Gold Man has been described as Chanel No. 5 for Men. And it is. Not me but I know an Australian DJ who will be receiving my unattended bottle. Hi Calvin.

Amouage Gold Man

Amouage Gold Man

Perfumistas, what scented gifts would you bring to Bethlehem?

Wishing you Scent Serendipity this Season.

Modern Magi Gifts

Modern Magi Gifts

Waft on through the day , waft on through the night,

You’ll never waft alone on the world world web.

Jordan River

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