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Guest Post by Brie in New York

Take a thoughtful look at the brief span of time given to us, which is our life, and adopt an enthusiastic attitude for all that we are and all that we experience.
-Wayne W. Dyer

Soccer season is in full swing for my three children. Historically this has always been met with trepidation on my behalf. The wild dashes on three weekday evenings to three sets of soccer practices, my frigid little body convulsing during the early morning weekend games played in below-freezing conditions, the extra loads of laundry from constantly dirty uniforms, the cleats creating a muddy mess in my car and house and an entire weekend day lost to attendance at games.

SoccerAnd yet, I relish observing the friendships formed and camraderie that exists amongst the players, the thrill of a goal scored by one of my own and the joy in seeing my children’s enthusiastic participation in an activity they wholeheartedly enjoy.

And there is one more added bonus. The soccer fields where practices are held are flanked by two beautiful ponds, walkways and  a memorial garden. I would normally spend my time snoozing in the car during practice, but since reading Olfactoria, in her Finding Hidden Beauty series, I have opened my eyes to the beauty that exists in my immediate environment.

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Nowadays, during practice times I spend the hour walking, immersed in this bucolic landscape. I am given the gift of quiet time for myself, to decompress from an exhausting day and round out the end of it on a peaceful note.

The fragrance that comes to mind during these meditative evening walks is Ineke’s Balmy Days and Sundays, a lush, green, crisp floral that brings to mind carefree, sunny days.

imageBalmy Days and Sundays by Inęke
Classification: Green Floral
Perfumer: Ineke Rühland
Launched: 2006
Top freesia, leafy greens, grass
Heart honeysuckle, rose, mimosa
Dry Down chypre accent, musk


I owe a debt of gratitude to Olfactoria for encouraging me to seek out all the small, but wonderous, visual treats in my life!

Image 22
Tonight’s treat is a sample of Balmy Days and Sundays. Just leave a comment as to the hidden beauty you experience on a daily basis.

Gift Recipient announced May month end.

28 responses to “Balmy Days and Sundays – Ineke

    • B- you inspired it! And I must say that I am looking at the world much differently, to the chagrin of Britt and Court…my wobbly hand does not take pictures so well and as you know they have become my personal photographers…at first they thought it was amusing…now I am driving them crazy!!

  1. I always love Birgit’s “Hidden Beauty” posts, as well, Brie. One example of hidden beauty that comes to mind for me is a rose I have on my deck that is visible only in my house. I pass by is several times a day and it brings a smile to my face each time.

  2. I have a sample of this so no need to enter me in the draw.
    Does playing peek-a-boo with a parrot everyday count as hidden beauty? Probably not. I guess now that the leaves are on the trees and the neighbors can’t see into my yard it would classify as hidden beauty. I’ve spent many hours over many years planting flowers out there and it’s finally getting full and lush. I love sitting outside and admiring my hard work.

    • Poodle-
      Wish I was with you right now in your glorious back yard….I do not have a green thumb AT ALL….as my girls always say to me “even the dandelions don’t have a fighting chance with you, mom”.

      yes, playing peek-a-boo with a parrot does indeed count as both hidden and comical beauty! would love to see that one day!

  3. My hidden beauty is a beautiful Florida Apple Snail my husband found yesterday trying to rehydrate near a water spigot in our woods/yard. We put it in the birdbath where it’s having a fine old time moving around eating the gunk. Beautiful big shell, all tan/brown/olive green/golden yellow. They have gills AND a lung, so they can survive our dry spells for a while, but do better in water. They live about 1 to 1.5 years. By the size of this one’s shell, it’s pretty old.

  4. Hidden beauty is my soft white pillow….when I get to sleep in…when I am not someone’s personal photographer !

    • You have NOT been released yet from your photographic duties :D!!
      and may I add that you and Court did an outstanding job on these pictures…thank you!

    • Oh goodness, Val…being the vanilla fiend that I am I would love to dive into that 6 litres of Tahitian vanilla…that IS truly hidden beauty!!!!

  5. Beautiful post, Brie. I’m glad you found something good in that still strange to me obsession of Americans with those sports on the kids level.
    No need entering me into the draw: I have all Ineke’s perfumes (bottles or samples). This one was strangely quiet onmy skin and completely disappeared in a coupleof hours.

    • Oh Undina, you are hilarious! I have never been a fan or follower of sports…despite my background in ballet I just was never athletic in school and never took an interest in observing sporting events as an adult. If someone had told me I would one day become a “soccermum” I would have looked at them sideways! Yet my children enjoy it so who am I to deny this of them?
      I placed two sprays on my wrist this morning and the scent is still faintly there… it began as incredibly crisp and green but has dried down to a soft musk.
      Britt loves Balmy Days as she tends to gravitate towards more unisex fragrances (she loves Derring-Do as well). And the JM Elderberry and Gooseberry was a big hit! They have confiscated my decant :D!!!

      • I’ve never been a sports fan myself but moreover, in the country where I grew up kids’ sports didn’t require that much of the parents’ involvement: starting fairly early (8-9 years) children could get to and from training sessions on their own so kids in sports were kind of progressive afterschool daycare while both parents were at work. And the game itself (between two teams) was a “reward” for hours of practice, I don’t remember adults ever watching any of those games or competitions (in non-team sports).

  6. Dearest Brie
    Wonderful post, I love the photographs… your budding professionals are much to be congratulated.
    I’m not sure if this counts as a hidden treasure as some might think its rather macabre…
    Many of the small open spaces in The Dandy’s part of London are the former graveyards of ancient churches that have long ago departed for the suburbs.
    When burials were banned in the city the graves were exhumed and parks created in their place.
    Today they are appreciated by office workers on their lunch breaks, local children and of course the odd gentleman on his morning perambulation.
    What mainly go unnoticed are the splendid funereal monuments of late deceased. Obelisks, faux Roman sarcophogi, draped urns and scrolls abound, nearly all almost completely obscured by living plants.
    My most favourite reads ‘Our Nelly. Fell Asleep June 13 1783’.
    Perhaps not to all but a beauty to The Dandy.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    • Unfortunately Mr. Dandy, the budding professionals have lost much of the enthusiasm that they once possessed with regard to helping out their dear old mum! Very dependent upon the ever fickle mood of a teenager!
      May I add that what you have described is indeed a hidden beauty…since a child I have had a morbid fascination with cemeteries…I find them to be quite peaceful and I always enjoyed reading the tombstones….your place sounds divine with the “hidden treasures” obscured by life and greenery!

  7. My hidden beauty has four paws and some rather large fangs. Actually, he’s a little too big to be hidden but, every day and every night, I’m in awe of his majesty, his noble structure, the stunning loveliness of his cognac coloured eyes that radiate sensitivity and a far greater intelligence than that shown by many humans. Even the small things like his fat paw pads that look like little pieces of filet mignon. Every part of his Champion lines shows in big ways and small. He is my ultimate source of beauty. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go worship at his feet. 😉

    • Based on your descriptions (here and elsewhere) I am madly in love with your hairy German…and coming from me that is a high compliment as I am usually terrified of dogs that weigh more than I do!
      And he truly is stunning…absolutely photogenic and his face is so full of expression :D!!!

    • Thanks Ro but I can take no credit for the visuals…the girls did the photographs and Jordan put together that stunning slide show!

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