The magical mystery rose…

The Magical Mystery Rose; In response to Mohur Mother’s Day 2013.

The Creative Flux

IMG_4334There is a rose growing in my garden. It is a climber, and it reaches far above our gutters. Judging from how large its root is, It was probably planted when the house was new. Unfortunately, the people who planted it gave it nothing to climb on, so as it takes off skyward, it oftentimes wedges itself underneath our eaves, from where it takes off outward. From there, the sheer weight of it pulls it down in a big, thorny, tangled mess.



This marvelous mix of lethal thorns and silky petals also happens to be occupying just the spot that is the most logical place for a possible, future deck. Many times I’ve thought of moving it, but it’s just so darn BIG. And, as mentioned, viciously thorny! I’m pretty certain this is exactly the kind of rose that protected Sleeping Beauty for all those years, and ensnared countless nobles and…

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