Man Rose – Rose 31 – رز – عطر – गुलाब – گلاب

Man Rose

Abū ʿAlī al-Ḥusayn ibn ʿAbd Allāh ibn Sīnā  Ibn Sina Avienna

Abū ʿAlī al-Ḥusayn ibn ʿAbd Allāh ibn Sīnā


In Iran, Iraq, The Middle East, Pakistan and India rose perfumes are an essential part of a man’s fragrance wardrobe.

Rose petals used to be crushed and mixed with oil to obtain a strong perfume which was labour intensive and therefore not easily mass-produced. Harun al-Rashid, هارون الرشيد, of A Thousand and One Nights fame, sent Charlemagne several gifts of non-distilled rose perfumes, along with the white elephant Abul Abbas, to his court in Aachen (modern-day Germany). The gifts of Charlemagne to Harun al-Rashid were woven woollen garments from Flanders and German hunting dogs.

About 200 years later, a Persian man, born in Bukhara (modern-day Uzbekistan near Afghanistan), called Ibn Sina, پور سينا, perfected the steam distillation of essential oils from plants when he distilled rose petals into a wearable fragrance which could be made in great quantities.

Rose Oil Distillation

A distillation plant in Damascus consisting of multiple units for producing rose water – 13th century manuscript

Ibn Sina  Avienna

Ibn Sina
Hakim (Doctor/Chemist/Alchemist) Abū ʿAlī al-Ḥusayn ibn ʿAbd Allāh ibn Sīnā, known as Avicenna in the west, took the most beloved flower of Islam, the rose, and made a fragrance which was eagerly worn by men as Mohammed, the prophet of Islam, encouraged the use of perfume ‘if it is available’ as part of the preparation for Friday prayer.

Rose 31 oil alcohol-free perfume Le Labo

Rose 31 is available as an oil; an alcohol-free option


Le Labo’s Rose 31, so named because it has 31 ingredients, is a modern rose using cumin to create a human scent among the other ingredients. Cumin in perfumery smells like a hint of fresh healthy sweat and when combined with rose is sensual. The warmth of this fragrance comes from ginger which is spiced up with pepper, clove, nutmeg and caraway. You will not smell like a spice rack or a kitchen as the essentials oils blend into a strong masculine scent-wall which is overgrown with Grasse roses and vetiver grass. Overlooking the wall are strong cedars, frankincense bushes and an agarwood tree which further enhance the masculine appeal of this scent.

Le Labo Rose 31 The Fragrant Man

Rose 31 EDP; a personalized message is an option.


This was my favourite and only rose scent until I discovered Mohur by Neela Vermeire Creations. Rose 31 is a great everyday fragrance for men. Mohur is more a special occasion scent, although I find that spritzing Mohur as a sleep scent brings the sweetest dreams.

Nathan Branch recommends wearing this

with jeans and t-shirt, or a black tux

Mary P Brown from Texas thinks that Rose 31 is

like a hot rose conservatory full of sweaty men – but in the nicest possible way

Lucky Scent describes

A rose for men destined to be stolen by women

A travel spray or an alcohol-free oil dropper from Le Labo is a great way to explore this scent. Or you could start with a $US6 sample. The Rose 31 perfuming balm is also alcohol-free.

If this scent is you then there are 50ml, 100ml and even 500ml bottles which are mixed on the spot if you happen upon a Le Labo store. Online orders are also freshly blended at the time of order. Rose 31 has become so popular that it is also available as a laundry detergent; a great way to wash 32 loads of your keffiyeh, khameez, khurtas or business shirts.

Le Labo Rose 31 laundry detergent

Laundry Detergent, 32 washes


Options & Prices
Sample $US6
Travel Spray $US135
Oil Dropper $US120 – no alcohol
Perfuming Balm $US80 – no alcohol
Massage and Bath Perfuming Oil $US65 – no alcohol
Laundry Detergent $US45 – plant based and biodegradable

Rose31 Massage and Bath Perfuming Oil

Massage & Bath Perfuming Oil


15ml $US58
50ml $US145
100ml $US220
500ml $US700

Rose 31 – Le Labo
Perfumer: Daphne Bugey
Released: 2006
Classification: floral woody musk
Ingredients: Grasse rose, cumin, pepper, clove, nutmeg, ginger, frankincense, cedar, amber, gaiacwood, oud, cistus, vetiver, animalic notes, ISO e-super and 16 unrevealed notes

Further Reading
In-depth analysis – Kafka’s review
Le Labo store – includes alcohol-free options
Le Labo – travel spray

Canon Of Medicine Ibn Sina Avienna

Canon Of Medicine by Abu Ali Ibn Sina
– The Institute of Manuscripts of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences

29 responses to “Man Rose – Rose 31 – رز – عطر – गुलाब – گلاب

  1. Jordan, I cannot tell you how much I love your writing. I totally enjoy every single new blog. Just don´t always sit my arse down to say so.
    Thanks a lot. Bussis. CQ

    • Cookie Queen, I cannot tell you how much I love your cookies because I have never tried them. Thank you for your words of encouragement. Golden Syrup to you.

  2. Jordan, I enjoyed reading your review for one of my favorite perfumes. Harun al-Rashid, Ibn Sina/Avicenna – names I met in books in my childhood, it was nice to see them connected to what interests me today.

    You need to fix a small error: $58 is a price for 15 ml; 50 mlcost $145.

    • Corrected and appreciated. I met those men in my childhood books too but only discovered their rose scented acts in when I researched this piece.

  3. I love how this sounds but I wonder if my hubby would wear something named Rose 31. I’d have to rename it I think because in his mind roses are for the ladies.

    • I think you could give it to him in an umarked bottle and see what happens. Congratulations on winning The Perfume Collector. You could be in the plot!

      • I might try that. Rose on a man is wonderful.
        I can’t wait to read the book. You’ve got me curious now.
        Oh, and I have to say, I like your new picture. You look very stylish and handsome there.

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  5. I greatly enjoyed the history and meeting up with old names from the past. Given the original, historical treatment of the rose, I’m always amused by men who think it’s a woman’s note. I think men smell lovely in rose-based perfumes. 🙂 And thank you for the referral link.

  6. I’ve only recently given in to rose. Lumiere Noire Pour Homme by MFK was the one who won me over. I now have a new note in my arsenal. Haven’t tried Rose 31 but judging from your description it is a must try.

    • Amer, how is spring? Rose is a relative newcomer to me too. I thought two is enough but another noire, why not? I look forward to MFK’s spicy night rose.

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  11. Great review of my nemesis, the infamous Rose 31. I tell you, Rose 31 is a hit or miss on me. Some days I love it and others I absolutely detest it. Like the ebb and flow of a ocean tide, I can take dribs and drabs of Rose 31, but not more than I have to. However, I do love the middle which has the spices, amber and warm woods that I like.

    • Ah, but is there Rose in the 31 ingredients? This is a great nemesis to have I think. Maybe your Masculine Rose blend will take you beyond Rose 31? I look forward to finding out in due course.

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  13. I love rose 31 but, the cumin is too strong on my skin. If I spray it on my clothes, the cumin goes away and reveals a sweet, milky smell!

    • Welcome Jim. Very interesting and thank you for taking the time to share this experience. It makes sense to me because ‘on fabric’ will often waft a differentiated profile as the molecules do not heat up and evaporate on the skin. I will try this one and see if I can find this sweet milky note that you speak of due to ‘on fabric’ application.

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  16. Rose roses rose… its a legal drug to me…since i was a kid I use to smell and try Taife rose in Makkah which is very close to Taife . its always on my pocket. i travel with it. blessed that today i sell it .
    my lovely wife is from the mountains area of northern part of Oman, the source of our omani rose water,
    it got distinctive smokey earthy rosey smell and used in local traditional sweets and coffee. Thanks God i am now also part of there rose festivals …
    i think rose is totally the opposite side of Oud. magic is that they go together in crazy fabulous way.. especially the burning oud chips…
    Thank you for this rosey topic.

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