thefragrantman the fragrant man copahu copaiba essential oils resin fragrance perfumery

While building up to the Fate Man review, I thought we would explore one of the ingredients.

Copahu, also known as copaiba, is found in West Africa and South America. Much like maple syrup, the resin is tapped directly from standing trees through a pipe; Copahu trees are known to yield up to 40 litres each year. The essential oil is produced by steam distilling the copal (the oleoresin collected from the tree).

Described as having a mild and aromatic peppery, woody smell, Copahu is used in a number of ways, not just perfumery. The resin is used by artists in oil paint and for ceramics; it adheres well to vessels before they are fired in kilns.

thefragrantman the fragrant man copahu copaiba essential oils resin fragrance perfumery

Copahu is even used therapeutically, due to its high levels of beta-caryophyllene, a compound with proven anti-inflammatory effects. It was used as incense by the indigenous people of South America and was used for medicinal purposes by the Franciscans.

Copahu’s natural soothing properties make it more than just a romantic peppery addition to fragrance.


Copahu Tree

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  1. The background to the ingredients making up a scent/perfume is indeed a fascinating one, thanks for sharing.

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