Sniffapalooza New York October 2013 – Event Review

Sniffapalooza Fall Ball
New York
October 2013

The Scented Hound is known for his succinctly analyzed and highly readable review style. Here is his Sniffapalooza review.

The Scented Hound also morphed into a Wilde and Perky Perfume Mule on some secret scent business for Poodle and myself which will be revealed in due course. Thank you Mr Hound.

Full Report – The Feather of Fate at The Scented Hound

Further Reading
As per the Sniffapalooza website,

Sniffapalooza Events occur several times a year and draw hundreds of kindred spirits, both men and women, of all age ranges. Members meet perfumers, representatives from fragrance houses, fragrance journalists, authors and celebrities.

Sniffapalooza events are held in the the USA, Zurich, Lisbon, Barcelona, Grasse, London, Florence, and Paris.

4 responses to “Sniffapalooza New York October 2013 – Event Review

  1. Maybe Karen will organize an event in Japan one day with you as a guest speaker? Thoroughly enjoyed your article in ODOU magazine. Would it be correct to say that you have delved deeper into Japanese culture than you have ever done before on your website? I am awriting up a ‘book review’ of ODOU hence I want to fact check that statement.

  2. Jordan – Sniffapalooza is a must at least once for any perfumista. Although I am still having problems properly sniffing today for the olfactory overload. More to come in an upcoming post!

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