Scent and The New York Times

The NY times published an article by Lance Hosey a few days ago. The piece includes the following topics…

Scent and Creativity
Scent and Alzheimer’s
Healing Gardens

Scent and the City – NY Times

Further Reading
Scent and Autism

2 responses to “Scent and The New York Times

  1. So glad to see an architect friend crossing the boundaries of other disciplines and that you, dear Fragrant Man are disseminating these details. It would be splendid to have fragrant gardens take over our Babylons. I read somewhere that the process of memorizing odors increased brain mass. Seems we are hardwired for perfume.

    • I wish I could remember the hanging gardens of Babylon. I have always wondered why these did not become the modern standard for urban planning. As a perfumer I guess you have put on some healthy brain weight!

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