Cuir De Gardenia – Part 3 – The Wax Solid Perfume Option

I fastened my web-belt and flew through the world-wide-web to ask Mandy Aftel about the solid perfume option for Cuir de Gardenia which is also available as an extrait and an oil. Enquiring minds were wanting to know more about how a perfume in solid form would smell. I know with the Serge Lutens wax samples I found them to be a great approximation of the liquid form of the scent as well as a sensual delight to apply. They create a veil of scent rather than a loud statement.

Mandy Aftel explains:

The solid perfumes smell slightly different than the extraits (of which I only have two: Cuir de Gardenia and Oud Luban).

The combination of the beeswax and jojoba oil in the solid perfumes tend to make them wear closer to the body and have less “lift” — similarly, the extraits have less lift than the perfumes in alcohol. The extraits are in fractionated coconut oil which is very light and shear for an oil.

Mandy Aftel
Aftelier Perfumes

The wax solid comes in the standard Aftelier case pictured above or you can choose from unique antique compacts sourced by Mandy which can be viewed here.

A Rare Antique Sterling French Niello Case with Rose Gold Sunburst is an option for the Cuir de Gardenia wax solid perfume. Other options are here.

A Rare Antique Sterling French Niello Case with Rose Gold Sunburst is an option for the Cuir de Gardenia wax solid perfume.
Some other options are in the slideshow below and all the options are here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Cuir de Gardenia
Aftelier Perfumers
Perfumer: Mandy Aftel
Release Date: November 2013
Straight to the Heart: tiare (gardenia) absolute, jasmine grandiflorum absolute, benzyl acetate.
Dry Down: castoreum, ethyl phenyl acetate, malto
Solid perfume – 1/4 ounce sterling silver compact $US240
Perfume Oil – 1/4 ml sample $US6

For the Holiday 2013 season, a limited-edition extrait version of Cuir de Gardenia is available in a mini 2 ml bottle $US55

Aftelier Perfumes – website

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13 responses to “Cuir De Gardenia – Part 3 – The Wax Solid Perfume Option

  1. That sunburst is the case I initially thought looked like a shell. Sigh! before I buy more perfume I have to deal with the construction of a 130 foot long fence line and bamboo screening. I wish I lived in a warmer climate where gardenias of all kinds make wonderful hedges.

    • A sign! But yes it does look like a scallop shell and the description is possibly subjective as this is an antique whose designer we cannot contact to describe her design intention. Hmm. Maybe do the $6 oil sample and wear it to build your fence?

  2. All the designs on the cases are wonderful and make me think along the lines of quilting designs. What a beautiful way to carry a solid scent with you.

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  5. Thank you so much for your questions and fabulous post Jordan! I do like offering both forms of perfume, so really appreciate your attention to the differences in the solid. And your photos and slide show are exceptional – I love searching for those cases all year!
    xo Mandy

    • I love the one that looks like a nose! I was tempted to put all of your antique compacts in the slide show but left many out so that people can find them on your site. Great idea Mandy. Some of them are fob watch cases?

  6. I smelled the juice version recently. Blown away, this takes natural perfumery to new places, very unique and luminous scent, not a study in what’s in the natural perfumer’s library today. i tried the extrait and am eager to see if my SA has the solid in stock when i get home. kudos galore mandy, to pop this one out in the midst of your publishing crunch makes it all the more impressive.

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