Christmas Postcard to Lanier


Dear Lanier,

There are so many stars in The Fragrant Stratosphere. I love bathing in the light of your star and becoming lost in your Perfumed Plots.

Is that a book or a vignette-style movie I see for you in 2014?

A star filled Christmas night and a season of Joy to you; Joy cometh in the morning. Your mourning has become a Good Morning for those of us that read you with at that time of the day.

Shine On,

Jordan River

Perfumed Plots
Holiday Reading on Scents Memory
A Letter from Versailles
Appointment at Tyburn
Madam Pageau at the Café
Rajdulari Goes to Bollywood

3 responses to “Christmas Postcard to Lanier

  1. Oh now you have done it! You made me cry….but in the most lovely way and I am so very moved and grateful for this wonderful postcard. Jordan YOU are a star with a heart that is wider than CinemaScope. Much love to you my friend.

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