Perfumer: Karine Vinchon Spehner

In 2006 Karine Vinchon Spehner was a junior perfumer. With the release of Amouage Fate Man she now has authored 4 Amouage releases and experienced the creative direction of Christopher Chong; a full immersion in the deep end of the perfume pool.

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Perfume Thriller – Interview with John Oehler of Aphrodesia Fame

Smell is our most primal sense. It’s the reason, for example, that strippers make bigger tips when they’re ovulating. ​
My favorite fragrance is the smell of my wife’s skin. John Oehler.
Today in The Scented Salon we visit a Perfume Vault in Versailles, meet a real Rocket Scientist and partially solve The Marcello Aspria Mystery as well as talking with writer John Oehler about the purpose of perfume and the background to his novel, the perfume thriller, Aphrodesia.

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