Photos : Denyse Beaulieu comes to Montreal

Normand Cardella chronicles The Perfume Lover and The Perfume Lovers in Montreal.
Live Reportage.

The Perfume Chronicles

When I heard that Denyse Beaulieu (Grain de musc) had added Montreal to her book tour of The Perfume Lover, I was more than excited.  And when I mentioned it to Clarisse Monereau from L’École en parfumerie Clarisse Monereau, she came with her entire class.  It might have been cold and blustery outside (winter is hanging on), but the evening was magical and hot!  For awhile there, the 40-something crowd was transported to Paris and Cabris… far away from the ice and snow.

The 90-minute event was broken into two sections… a question-and-answer period with Donna Lach of the Westmount Public Library and a privileged sniffing session of the following scents and how they are used in perfume :

1) Orange blossom absolute

2) Incense resinoid

3) Beeswax

4) Duende 3 (first guiding mod)

5) Habanita

6) Tonka bean absolute

7) Duende 63

8) Indolene

9) Luisieri Lavender

10) Séville à…

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