Luca Turin – On Greece, Smell & The Future Of Science


Journalist Thodoris Georgakopoulos

Greek journalist Thodoris Georgakopoulos interviewed Luca Turin last week on living in Greece, his future plans, and the future of science and smell.

The interview includes video footage of Luca in his Athens office at the Alexander Fleming Biomedical Sciences Research Center.

You can read the interview in English or in Greek.

Photo via Georgakopoulas

Luca Turin in his Athens office.
Photo via

For the December 2013 update on Luca Turin click here

Further Reading
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Vibrations, Quanta and Biology – by Susana Fernandez Huelga and Martin Plenio – this is a link to a complimentary PDF download which provides a unifying framework for ideas in quantum biology that various people have come up with concerning vibrations, electronic motion, spins and other quantum concepts.

BBC News – ‘Quantum smell’ idea gains ground

Smell Theory round-up by Rose Gray – see ODOU magazine . In the first issue of ODOU magazine Rose Gray articulates the various theories of smell including Vibration Theory, Odotype Theory, Lock and Key Theory and several other historical and current theories.

Molecular Vibration-Sensing Component in Human Olfaction Public Library of Science

A Primary Quantum Model of Telepathy, Gas Shan, 2004  (9 page PDF or read online here)

Quantum: A Guide for the Perplexed, Jim Al-Khalili, 2003.

(Jim) Jameel Sadik Al-Khalili

(Jim) Jameel Sadik Al-Khalili

(Jim) Jameel Sadik Al-Khalili – is an Iraqi-born British theoretical physicist – Author Bio

Shadows Of The Mind: A Search for the Missing Science of Consciousness,
Roger Penrose, 1994

The Emperor’s New Mind, Roger Penrose, 2002

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Luca Turin – interview by Caterina Minthe

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8 responses to “Luca Turin – On Greece, Smell & The Future Of Science

  1. Thank you, Jordan, for posting the interview with Luca Turin and all the other good stuff too. I read The Emperor of Scent (edit – see comment below) when it first came out but somehow neglected to pick up The Shadow of the Mind. It’s good to have a new reading reading list.

  2. I meant to say Shadows of the Mind, not The Shadow of the Mind. Wow! One definite article and the whole thing is changed from Roger Penrose to a completely new and different world. This is what I meant
    to say… “I read the Emperor’s New Mind (not the Emperor of Scent)
    when it first came out but somehow neglected to pick up Penrose’s
    Shadows of the Mind.” I think my mind must be floating around with
    the nimbi somewhere to make that many mistakes in one comment.
    The Shadow of the Mind is a great title though, whoever it belongs to.

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