Flower of Palestine

It’s all good news here at The Fragrant Man: an antidote to the nightly news, an Oasis of Peace, Love and Perfume.

Earlier tonight we strolled through a field of Iris Nazarana. Then we had some Liquid Laughter with Brie in New York.
Now let’s discover another flower from Palestine, a man-flower who blossomed in the Gaza Strip. Fasten your web-belts, let’s go somewhere happy in The Middle East.
Let’s dance…

Mohammad Assaf

Mohammad Assaf

14 responses to “Flower of Palestine

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  5. If there was a perfume for this Palestinian flower, I imagine it’s a combination of Acacia blossom oil and Linden blossom oil.

    Whenever I feel down and the Acacia trees are in bloom, all I have to do is go out and smell their intoxicating fragrance and I feel my soul come back to joy and I know there is a God because there is no way that a tree could smell so heavenly just by ‘accident’ or ‘evolution’.

      • When I smell Jasmine I almost pass out! It’s so intoxicating. I am serious… I went to the Galapagos Islands and the Jasmine there has an aroma that is unique, not like Jasmine in any other place.
        Well, the people near me were most likely embarrassed at my sighing and oohing over the smell.
        I never talk this way, but I am an honest gal – the scent of Jasmine flowers is spiritually orgasmic!

          • Gardenia is a most exquisite aroma, however, it’s hard to find gardenia naturally extracted oil because the process is usually done with chemicals and not by technique de l’enfleurage.
            I am extraordinarily sensitive to smells, in fact, all my friends tell me I should be in the perfume industry – high end, mind you, because I can’t tolerate any chemical smells that are passed off as perfume.
            Now get this: I can actually tell what kind of detergent people use to wash their cloths, the kind of soap they are using, etc. Not that pleasant a ‘gift’ to have because of the society flooding the markets with chemicals that literally are like stink bombs. However, there is an upside ti this sensitivity: Nature smells like heaven when not tortured by the hand of man.

            • Sounds like a great interview? Are you willing? I have issues with flow soaps and the muskettes lurking in the goop.

              Details on the source of natural gardenia are here which as you rightly say is rare.

            • Sounds intriguing, I’ll think about it. I don’t usually talk about myself, I talk through my poetry. And when one has a blog about Palestine, in my experience, anything said personally will and can be used against you by distorting the words and context.

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