The Creek

Jordan: Lee lives on 600 acres of Australian bush. A creek runs through the bush. I asked her what this landscape looks and smells like…

Guest Post by Lee Cleland in Australia


Purgatory Creek during the dry season. In the wet the water may be 4-5 metres above this height. The red flower is of the grevillea which can survive constant pummelling of flood waters. Photo: Beyond Purgatory

The Creek
Lee: The vegetation is fairly thick and in what we would term a natural bush state. The area has Majestic eucalypts, river she-oaks, red grevilleas, tangling vines and strappy daniellas; a type of reed. Nothing has large blooms – everything here is very subtle and subdued. That all changes when the eucalypts flower in massed profusion – depending on the species, the perfume hangs upon the air and the bees create harmonics like you have never heard before.

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Slideshow: Around The Creek by Beyond Purgatory.

Further Reading
Lee’s website – Beyond Purgatory


Woof from Flair, Lee’s Kelpie.

8 responses to “The Creek

  1. Creed and creek.

    Creed is the man to reproduce this fragrance, culminating in a barbie of lamb chops grilled over gum wood. I can smell and taste it already, accompanied by an apian rhapsody.

  2. Thank you all for you comments/commentary. No eucalypt flora at present – it’s winter here – very few bees and sorry guys no lamb! This is cattle country around here 🙂
    Yes, Flair is a beauty and also intelligent. I’m still not sure who is training who – maybe that’s her being really, really smart……..

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