Beautify Your Life

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change”

– Wayne W. Dyer

At times what I do for a living can be emotionally draining. Several years ago my job began to take its toll, making me irritable, anxious and short fused with my family at the end of each day. I decided that it was time for a change in perspective.

woon tai ho thefragrantman the fragrant man

I began beautifying my work environment with aesthetically pleasing perfume boxes, pictures and inspirational quotes hung on the wall near my desk. I started reading more uplifting books. I simplified my life through downsizing and gifting away many of the material possessions that merely cluttered my environment (including full perfume bottles).


Counting my small daily blessings became a regular routine. I resolved to never again allow negative or emotionally draining individuals to impinge upon my mood. Eventually the practice of yoga ensued. With these subtle, yet profound, changes my life evolved into one that is more simple, happier and blessed.

“See beauty in every place that you feel truth. That beauty/truth will imbue you. Know yourself, and live your truth and you will have beauty”

– Wayne W. Dyer

Aside from fragrance, what beautifies your life?

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20 responses to “Beautify Your Life

  1. Brie that is almost a trick question. Hmm, aside from fragrance I would have to say that your words beautify my life. I too like to beautify my mind with quotes. I like Tai Ho’s quote. Rumi is often part of my week in some form. Strolling in a garden or driving in the countryside feeds my eyes with nourishment and beauty.

  2. A simple life really is more enjoyable for me as well, dear Brie. I, too, find uplifting quotes and time in nature beautifies my life. My friendships do this as well.

  3. Tough question. Some days it’s hard to find beauty. I suppose my garden would qualify. Taking time for me, which is hard to do, also helps.

    • Poodle, I would love to see your garden! Agreed, quiet time alone to contemplate is precious for me as well.

  4. I love learning more about our Brie! When Age knocked on my door it was carrying a suitcase, I asked Age what was in the suitcase and Age smiled and said. “It’s your baggage, you left it back there at Youth.” Where ever you go there you are.

  5. Tricky question, so many options but I will go with the one I miss the most right now, because of the rainy weather. Going to the beach really beautifies my life. Will the weather let me???

  6. Yoga, perfume, good food, a balance betw faith and philosophy, my friends and family, sunshine, gluten-free cupcakes, springtime – finally!, camping in nature, art of all kinds, a good book, and the perfect shade of lipstick!

    • I love filtered sunlight and so hard to capture on film which makes the experience all the more ‘in the moment’. Moss sounds great, never tried that.

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