A Fulfilling Life – Ineke’s Chemical Bonding

For as this appalling ocean surrounds the verdant land, so in the soul of man there lies but one insular Tahiti, full of peace and joy, but encompassed by all the horrors of a half lived life

-Moby Dick, Herman Melville

My father did not grow up in a financially secure home environment. He began working young and got married to my mother quite young as well. Together they forged a life that was intent on financial security and happiness. His life continues to be rewarding and fulfilling. He has always been one to support the underdog. He adores animals of all kinds. There were many a pigeon with damaged wings that he lovingly nursed back to health and even the vicious guard dogs in the city warehouses greet him with wagging tails.

IMG_3716Where my mother and father do not always see eye-to-eye is with his magnanimous nature with himself and with others. My mother, ever the pragmatist and cynic , has always believed that individuals preyed upon generous and giving personalities. One day I asked him why he could be so generous with others when my very own attitude was “what’s in it for me?” His response was, “It gives me joy and peace to see someone’s eyes light up in gratitude when I give to them right now. When I am in the grave that pleasure in witnessing this will no longer be an option”.

Pops has always been a huge fan of fragrance. My earliest recollection of fragrant associations were bottles of 4711 in every size scattered throughout the house. He adores just about every fragrance he can get his hands on. He never leaves the house unless properly ensconced in scent.

It was through CaFleureBon‘s Profiles in American Perfumery that I first came to know of the artisanal house of Ineke. His favourite of the exquisite deluxe sampler collection is Chemical Bonding. Not only does he like the way this beautiful citrus musk smells but he enjoyed the chemical reaction he received from mother upon spraying it on his neck. Surely a full bottle will be his Father’s Day present this year!


I don’t know if it was reaching the midpoint of my life but eventually I came to the conclusion that my father had it right all along. Now my giving nature manifests itself in its own unique way.

My mother says I inherited my father’s sensitivity and obstinance, as well as his deep set eyes and prominent cheekbones. Yet, in my mind the greatest transfer of all is the understanding that for the short time span that is our life the most fulfilling one is that which is replete with kindness and generosity.

Chemical Bonding – Ineke
Perfumer: Ineke Ruhland
Classification: Citrus Musk

Top smooth citrus cocktail, tea, blackberry
Heart dewy peony
Dry Down vetiver, amber, powdery musk

7 responses to “A Fulfilling Life – Ineke’s Chemical Bonding

  1. Beautiful Brie! I really enjoyed the telling of your father’s traits that have influenced you. He sounds just wonderful.

    • It a very interesting story Tora. Thank you for zoomin’ in. Brie is shifting offices at the moment but I am sure she will catch up with in due course.

  2. Brie, I like your father, he sounds like a wonderful person 🙂 I hope he got his bottle for the holiday but in any case you gave him a very valuable gift: you told a great story about it to many people who wouldn’t have known him otherwise. Now we all think good thoughts about him.

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