Christmas Gift Idea 1 – Scent Library – $US22

I first came across this Scent Library disguised as a book on The Scented Hound whose esteemed nose had sniffed it out way back in August. I wanted to wait until now to write about it as it makes an interesting and interactive gift for Hanukkah, Christmas or your own holiday celebration; a great affordable gift for family, a friend or a perfume fiend.

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Why is this handsome gift only $US22? The purchase price is redeemable on other Ineke products so effectively it is a marketing tool if you are inspired to then require a full bottle of one of these sample sizes or any other Ineke perfume.


Included in this library of Floral Curiosities are 5 scents; my favourite is the fairy tale Briar Rose followed by Angel’s Trumpet (Brugmansia). Sweet William is headache-inducing to me but may not be so for you. The other scents are Poet’s Jasmine which is gorgeous and Scarlet Laskspur.

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For a comprehensive breakdown on each fragrance I suggest viewing the video review by the perfectly bobbed Victoria on her EauMG YouTube channel.

Tomorrow we will look at fragrant gifts from $US5 to $US70.

Ineke – website

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The Fragrant Man
Christmas Gift Idea 1 – Scent Library $US22
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20 responses to “Christmas Gift Idea 1 – Scent Library – $US22

  1. Thank you for the shout out!

    I think this is one of the best under $25 holiday gifts. It’s good for fragrance, grooming/beauty folks, book lovers and even those that just love cute packaging.

  2. I’ve been meaning to try one of Ineke’s sets for sometime now. This may be a gift I give myself. I especially like that if you buy one of her sets the price is redeemable on a full size purchase. I tend to be a gift set splitter, but would not parcel out this one.

  3. It looks extremely appealing, but I wasn’t entirely crazy about the Ineke perfumes I have smelled in the past. I haven’t tried any of these though, and Angel Strumpet is such a whimsical name I feel that I should try it.

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