I am NOT Bardot – Tocca’s Brigitte

By brie.

Let them burn, let them burn

Underneath every word somebody’s heart’s been broken

With or without words, we try to forgive

Words, they’ll try to shake you

Don’t let them break you

Or stop your world from turning

When words keep you from feeling good

Use them as firewood, and let them burn.

“Words” -Train

I entered kindergarten a five-year-old fairy weighing a mere thirty two pounds. My parents committed a faux pas by insisting that my name be “Americanized”. The verbally cruel taunts I received from other children was apparent in my nickname- “Brigitte the Midget”.

Brigitte Bardot à un cocktail en 1968

Brigitte Bardot à un cocktail en 1968 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a young adult my best friend in college insisted on pronouncing my name the French way. He affectionately referred to me as “petite Brigitte”. However, one day he erroneously called me “Bardot”. There was no comparison between the feminine and stunning French beauty who possessed a sensual body and a luxurious blonde mane and myself ( a young woman with stringy blonde hair and an angular, bony body). I thought he was being facetious at my expense. I snapped at him, ” For obvious reasons I am NOT Bardot!’ He looked at me in bewilderment.

In 2008, the perfume house of Tocca released Brigitte as a tribute to the French movie star. Unsniffed, I purchased the perfume merely because it had my name on it and the solid, fluted bottle with a decorative cap sat gorgeously on my dresser. The spicy, fruity floral fragrance grew to my liking and garnered me many compliments when worn. And I secretly got such a thrill out of seeing my name on that stunning bottle.

IMG_3712I lost touch with my college friend but many years later we reconnected . His first reaction was to exclaim, “It’s been a long time, Bardot”. This time I reacted with equanimity and simply responded with, “You know that I am not anything like her”, to which he replied with a chuckle , “No…actually you are even better”.

Classification-Oriental floral


Top- ginger, rhubarb,papaya
Heart- Morrocan rose,iris, saffron
Dry Down- sandalwood,musk, pannetone accord

Despite being a mature woman I still respond to the various nicknames given to me by family and friends. “Big Ma”, “old lady”, “little woman”, “sweet Brigitte”, “Angel of the Morning” and “little faerie” are all terms of endearment ascribed to me. And although I truly am not Bardot I am quite content being exactly who I am, a woman who merely shares her name with an icon.

The real Brigitte

The real Brigitte

5 responses to “I am NOT Bardot – Tocca’s Brigitte

  1. Dearest Brie
    Two things….
    First, what a wonderful story… The Dandy has a constellation of nicknames and so much the better as far as I’m concerned. My favourites of yours are undoubtedly “Bardot” (my dear you look a universe better than she does these days) and “Angel of the Morning”.
    Now, secondly, I wanted to say a very big (and very belated) thank you for the wonderful Owl embossed winnings that I only received on my return to Merrie England.
    The balm is as beautiful as the bird and the little selection of smelling gifts comprise quite the most generous prize I’ve ever received.
    With heartfelt thanks.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  2. I’ve smelled quite a few Tocca scents but I don’t think I’ve sniffed this one. Rhubarb and ginger got my attention.
    I have a bunch of nicknames too, some of which make me cringe. I think Sweet Brigitte is cute.

  3. I haven’t smelled this one yet but I’m a huge fan of Tocca’s Violet, Cleopatra (Though I absolutely despise patchouli) and Graciela. But my favorite scent will always be nectar and honey by Jo Malone.

  4. Great story, Brie! Thank you for sharing it with us.

    I’m not a fan of Tocca’s perfumes but the next time I come across this one I’llgive it a try thinking of you.

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