What do New Zealand women smell like?

It was only 120 years ago, on the 19 September 1893 that New Zealand women became the first women in the world to vote. Since then NZ has had two female ministers, Jenny Shipley and Helen Clark. Helen now heads up the United Nations Development Programme and according to Forbes magazine has been ranked as the 20th most powerful woman in the world in 2006 and 50th in 2012. Currently female politicians make up 32% of the NZ parliament.

At a recent event at World Beauty there was a room full of women and me. I took the time to survey them because I know that you want to know…

What do New Zealand women smell like?

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World Beauty – Fragrance Masterclass
Britomart Place

The Perfumistas and newbies stated their current perfumes to be:

A Scent by Issey Miyake.
Amber Rose by Milliner, a powdery soft floral.
Armani White
Baby Doll, a YSL floral.
Black Afgano, rumored to have ‘ganja effects’.
Black Jade, a peppery floral scent by Lubin.
Balenciaga, a violet floral oriental.
Chanel No 19, powder and iris.
Citrus based perfumes
Emile, a Fragonard floral.
Escentric Molecules, Molecule 01, a one molecule ‘fume with a velvety woody note that heats with your body temperature, then twists and turns as it blooms. Sometime you can smell it and sometimes you can’t but other others can. The molecule is called Iso E Super.
Eau Sauvage, marketed as a men’s Edt.
Jubilation 25 from the Omani house, Amouage.
Love in Black by Creed.
Miracle by Lancôme.
Narcotic Venus, Nassomato’s tuberose.
Not a Perfume, an ambroxen perfume. Ambroxen is usually used an accelerator, a booster of other notes in perfume.
Vengeance from Juliet has a Gun. This house views perfume as armour.
Creed’s Vetiver, the smell of the roots of vetiver grass.

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Advice for women
Nick from Agencie de Parfum was the guest speaker. His advice to women is that men do not find florals sexy so add some spice.

He suggested that NZ women may need some Woody Orientals in their lives and recommended that they explore these spice-centric scents:

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Citizen Queen by Juliette has a Gun – a soft floral adelhyde with a leather note. A great replacement for Chanel No. 5.
Bottega Veneta – soft oriental with leather tones from the famous fashion house.
Amber Gris – Balmain’s latest and sweetest ambergris concoction,
Tuberose – start by exploring Honour or Fracas then compare with l’Artisan’s Nuit de Tuberose.
Amouage Reflection – a shimmering water floral on a musk, cedar, sandalwood base.
Seville a l’aube– a honey, orange blossom and incense perfume and the subject of a book called The Perfume Lover.
Lady Vengeance has 500 real Roses inside, creating a real Rose fragrance.
Keiko Mecheri’s Island of Lost places – a floral oriental with a Japanese sentiment and eccentricity.

Another recommended perfume was a show stopper called Visa by Robert Pigeut. One woman wanted to know

Is there a perfume called Overdraft?

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Nick then talked about how Royal Creed is always in limited supply due to all natural ingredients. However most perfume houses these days solve the issue of harvest variations in scent and supply with synthetic molecules which gives batch consistency, constant supply and avoids the photo-toxicity of some natural ingredients.

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Where and how to spray
Behind your hairline on your neck. This will waft the scent as you move.
Spray before you dress when you have warm skin and open pores.
Spray perfume onto unscented body lotion and massage into your skin.

World Beauty

World Beauty

New Zealand locations: World Beauty

WORLDbeauty endeavours to provide New Zealand Women and Men an opportunity to enjoy luxury niche fragrances from all over the globe, both contemporary and steeped in tradition and history
– Francis Hooper WORLD Creative Director

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