Bottega Veneta for Men

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Looking forward to this one: Bottega Veneta for Men. I have not smelt this yet so let’s see what London resident Persolaise has to say:

The model is Zak Steiner from Click photographed by Axel Lindahl at WM Artist Management.

Bottega_Veneta_homme_flaconBottega Veneta for Men
Perfumers: Daniela Andrier and Antoine Maisondieu
Released: September 2013 at Harrods, United Kingdom.
€85 90ml
€65 50ml

Balkan juniper, Calabria bergamot, Siberian pine
Canadian fir resins, Jamaican pepper, Mediterranean clary sage
Andalusian labdanum, Indonesian patchouli, leather

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10 responses to “Bottega Veneta for Men

  1. I tried this the other day for the first time. Probably too soon to provide a proper opinion but I thought it was decent without blowing me away too much. I hope thats not damning with faint praise! It is leathery, but not a heavy leather at all and the pine and pepper was more prominent on my skin.

  2. Will look forward to hearing what you think of this, Jordan. I like the feminine version a lot, but it needs a bit more leather … I’m thinking the masculine version might be even more to my taste.

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