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Just for you, the Intrepid Perfume Explorer…

It is increasingly difficult if not illegal to fly standard sized bottles of perfume around the world. Andy Tauer has come up with an innovative solution. He has added a selection of 15ml glass spray bottles to his range called Explorer Sets. These sets are accessibly priced at ~ $US135 and mailable by air.

In each Explorer Set there are 3 perfumes of your choice in 15ml spray bottles. Shipment is free except to these non-receiving countries: UK, Russia and Italy.

Andy’s latest release PHI une Rose de Kandahar is available in this new format. Elena Vosnaki, Kafka, IScent and The Scented Hound have just posted their impressions of this release.

PHI une Rose de Kandahar
Fragrantica – Elena Vosnaki – Hazy Plush…

I Scent You a Day – It’s like serving an aromatic Bacchanalian feast on a rough granite table.

Chemist in the Bottle – a luxurious and unusual blend of many different ingredients that usually cannot be seen in one composition.

The Scented Hound – I don’t think I have ever experienced a rose fragrance that literally unfolds on my skin that way PHI does and I love it. ..A rose inside a box. As soon as you open the box, the beautiful aroma of the rose is unleashed as a wonderful fragrant present.

Kafka – Its apricot-rose chypre opening is elegant, sophisticated, full-bodied, and opulent; its gourmand stage is delectable, creamy and smooth; and its oriental finish is sexy with a touch of masculinity. It’s lovely — from start to finish.

Perfumer Interview + 100 PHI sampler GIVEAWAY at…
Fragrantica and an Andy Tauer interview by Elena Knezhevich.
Sample Giveaway recipients announced November 11th on Fragrantica.

These Explorer Sets are also a great way to have some Lonestar Memories, breathe in the air of the Moroccan Desert or go dancing on an Orange Star. The world famous Noon Tide Petals is also an option.

The entire Explorer Set options are:

l’air du Désert Marocain – EDT intense

Lonestar Memories – EDT

Incense Extrême EDP

Incense Rosé – EDP

Une Rose Chyprée –  EDP

Orange Star – EDP

Une Rose Vermeille – EDP

Carillon pour un Ange – EDP

Noontide Petals –  EDT


as well as the just released PHI une Rose de Kandahar.

If the Explorer Set is still out of your range Andy also has a sample program of 1.5 ml vials from ~ $US5.50 each.

There is also a Discovery Set of 5 x 1.5 ml for ~ $US34.10.

Full bottles of 50ml start at ~ $US108.90.

Tauer Perfumes website

Tauer Perfumes – ~ $US5.50 samples

Tauer Perfumes – Discovery Set ~ $US34.10

Tauer Perfumes – Explorer Set ~ $US135

13 responses to “Andy Tauer Explorer Sets

    • Exactly. More choice, easy to mail, and perfect for sampling before the FBW decision. I think that Andy and Neela are leading the way here into the future. Market Penetration 15ml by 15ml.

  1. I used to think I had to have the biggest bottle (for the best price, of course) until I realized that I wouldn’t be able to use up my ever expanding stash in three lifetimes, even if I give away decants every other week. I think I will opt for the Discovery Set. It looks like a great value and variety.

    • It does and variety is the spice of life. You could always view your Full Bottle collection as an Art Collection though and everything is all right! Have you a perfume fridge?

  2. I keep my collection in a cupboard in a cool, dark cellar near the wine. I do have a little fridge down there but it isn’t big enough for everything. Art collection is a good idea for the bottles!

  3. I have to say that ,while I love my Explorer set ,I got a nasty surprise in the post yesterday,and that is import VAT plus admin fees for FedEx,to the value of 35 extra euro.So I am not a happy bunny right now,because this set ended up costing me 160 euro.Very,very expensive and if I knew that I wouldn’t have gone for it.So lesson learned anyway,I’ll definitely stick to European ground when doing my internet shopping.

    • Your advice here is much appreciated Ana. Thank you for taking the time to share your tax experience. O dear, poor thing. You are an intrepid perfume explorer. Andy trades out of Switzerland so I would have thought that you would not be charged import taxes.

      • I was really not expecting it either!But FedEx are quite bad too,as on top of the import VAT charged by the Irish Revenue,they pop their own administration fee and VAT on that.They are just jackals ,I mean Andy pays for the shipping ,but they also charge the addressee.There’s something totally wrong with that.What do you mean by Andy trading out of Switzerland?As far as I can tell,the company is registered in Switzerland.And Explorer set is available exclusively through his website,isn’t it?I’d love to know what your info is.Have you heard from other people about being charged with taxes?

        • And I know now what you mean by trading out of Switzerland.It means he trades from Switzerland,not outside of it.English is not my mother tongue,so sometimes its nuances get registered differently by my brain?Apparently,Switzerland is not part of the European Economic Area,although in my stupidity I thought that it was.So it was like getting something from US,or even worse.It just got really bad lately with taxes.I once bought a sewing machine from America(expensive,all steel construction) cost a bit over 500,and I didn’ t have to pay extra fees,thank God,but since then I got hit twice:once with some DVDs,and now with the Explorer set.So that’s it,Europe all the way for me,and no, Switzerland is not part of it,as I bitterly found out.

            • Andy knows about it too,we’ve been in touch.He’s a decent guy,and he regrets that I had to pay extra,but there’ s not much he can do.He said he will try and put up on his website an advertisement relating to the possibility of being charged extra FedEx fees.And I do smell fab,I’m really happy with my travel set which contains PHI,Lonestar Memories and Carillon pour un ange.

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