Magnolia Grandiflora – Giveaway


Fragrantica has 8 x sample sized giveaways of the 2 debut releases from Grandiflora, a new perfume house in Sydney, Australia.
The Giveaway link is here.



The gift recipients will be announced at Fragrantica 25 February.

17 Jan – Fragrantica – Magnolia Grandiflora – Sandrine
17 Jan – CaFleureBon
20 Jan – Grain de Musc Sandrine and Michel reviews
21 Jan – Fragrantica – Magnolia Grandiflora – Michel
09 Feb – Grandiflora at Elements showcase in New York


In Memory of Sandrine Videault
Grain de Musc
Olfactoria’s Travels
Perfume Shrine – poetry
The Scented Salamander
Obituary – Touching Words, Stunning Fragrances: Remembering Sandrine Videault


Lucky Scent

Colette, Paris, 100ml, €170
Grandiflora, Sydney, Australia, $AUD185
Elle Boutique, Perth, Australia, $AUD185
Peony Haute Parfumerie, Melbourne, Australia, $AUD185
Lucky Scent, LA, USA, 100ml, $US185, .70ml, Sample, $US4

Further Reading
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The Fragrant Man – Magnolia for Men
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3 responses to “Magnolia Grandiflora – Giveaway

  1. Love the story behind this. I have 20 dwarf magnolias outside my bedroom window and in Spring through Summer the perfume becomes quite heady, delicious to wake up to. Have also planted a Magnolia grandiflora at the entrance to the property which is struggling to survive the lack of rain. Maybe in my next lifetime it will be the wonderful tree I aspire to have there.

      • Oh, ooops is my face red! The dwarves are really gardinias not magnolias bad slip up there, sorry. They still have a very strong perfume. The grandiflora IS a magnolia and I try to give it 2 litres of water every time I leave the property which may be only once a week, twice if it’s lucky 🙂 But I’ve been away a bit lately so it’s missed out on even those.

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