Magnolia for Everyone


Sydney floral artisan Saskia Havekes and perfumer Sandrine Videault are preparing Grandiflora’s first perfume which will be a magnolia scent. The juice is macerating as we write. In the meantime you can enjoy Saskia’s aesthetic on the cover of Michael Edwards’s Fragrances of The World 2013.

Fragrances of the world 2013

Photo: Gary Heery
Flowers: Saskia Havekes for Michael Edwards

When I lived in Sydney I would often walk past Grandiflora in Potts Point just to breathe the fragrant air. The sign of a superlative Sydney restaurant was and still is flower arrangements by Saskia whose signature flower is magnolia. Magnolia is also known as Grandiflora, and is therefore the name of her floral artelier and her upcoming scent. Branches, leaves and flowers are hallmarks of Saskia’s style.

Magnolia is the new white.

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9 responses to “Magnolia for Everyone

  1. I can’t stand chemical perfumes — they smell like insecticide to me and also make me feel very ill. However, organic, natural oils are aromatic and healing. That is the true perfumes to me — ingredients from nature.
    My dog is soothed by them too, he loves lavender oil.

    • Welcome Genie. Yes I find I alternate between naturals and fine fragrance. A good perfumer will use synthetic molecules to extend and magnify a scent and even approximate a non-distillable scent like gardenia. By a ‘good perfumer’ I mean that they will not produce an insecticide bomb with their well composed blend. I too get headaches from some ‘fumes. With naturals I have no problem carrying round a self-made decant to top up their usually (but not always) shorter longevity.

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