Book Review & Giveaway: Riot Green by Woon Tai Ho

Recently we chatted with Woon Tai Ho about his mountain top scent experience in Bhutan. His latest book is Riot Green. Riot Green is about a child prodigy – an artist who creates a famed painting called Riot Green.

Book Review
Riot Green steps into the enthralling world of Chinese spirituality set against a breathtaking canvas of human avarice and physiological manipulation. Woon has given us the ultimate backdoor pass into the underbelly of the art world in Asia. A fascinating read on many levels.

Woon Tai Ho Riot Green

We have 3 hard copies of Riot Green to giveaway. Leave a comment below or Like The Fragrant Man on Facebook to be in the random draw.

Winners announced here April 2013.


Media Update
Riot Green went into its second print run 16 days after been published on 27 February 2013.

Woon Tai Ho Riot Green

The physical book is $SGD20 from Asian bookstores
or direct from the Candid Creation Publishing $SGD18.70 ~ $US15 ~ €12


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10 responses to “Book Review & Giveaway: Riot Green by Woon Tai Ho

  1. Now THIS is the book I really want to win, hold in my hands and read with enjoyment…..(based on the quote alone which you sent me!)
    thanks to you and Woon for this opportunity!

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