April gift recipients

We are pleased to announce our gift recipients for the month of April.

There were five chances to receive a gift and only four were snapped up. Visit the Postcard to Undina post for an extended opportunity to receive a gift from The Fragrant Man. 

Post: Riot Green by Woon Tai Ho
Gift:  hard copies of Tai Ho’s latest book Riot Green
Gift recipients:
Daniel Lim in Malaysia
Carlos Huber in New York
Ines in Croatia –  All I Am – A Redhead
Bri in New York (who entered this comp before she started to write for The Fragrant Man)

Woon Tai Ho Riot Green

Riot Green Woon Tai Ho The Fragrant Man

Post: Postcard to Undina
Gift: Kampot Peppercorns
No one has won this competition yet. Zoom on over to the post for your chance to win some fragrant Kampot peppercorns. Winner announced May month end.

Kampot pepper

For you?

Post: Fantastic Voyage through The Fragrant Stratosphere
Gift: Vials of vintage and discontinued scents decanted from various bottles, an all natural essential oil blend by Bri, and a sampling of 8 teas to enjoy while flying through The Fragrant Stratosphere.
Gift recipient:  James Dennard from James Dennard


Post: The Sweetest Girl I Ever Met
Gift: A sample of Aquolina’s Pink Sugar as well as a vial of the lavender cocoa massage oil made by Bri
Gift recipient: Coach E from Coach Daddy’s Blog


Post: Guest Post: Carlos Huber smelling Waiheke Island
Gift: Sample pack of the Arquiste range
Gift recipient: Ines of All I Am – A Redhead correctly identified Carlos’ mystery flower on Waiheke Island as pink oleander.


Post: Scent memory – Grey Flannel
1 ml of A*Men
1 ml of Banana Republic Classic
Gift recipient:   Francis DiClemente from Francis DiClemente


To receive your gift, please visit the contact section of The Fragrant Man and send in your mailing address.

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