May Gift Recipients

Tess Tickle

We are pleased to announce our gift recipients for the month of May.

Vintage Ivoire de Balmain The Fragrant Man

Decant – Vintage Ivoire de Balmain

Post: Ivoire de Balmain – The little perfume devil on my shoulder
Gift: 1 ml of vintage Ivoire de Balmain
Gift Recipient: The Perfumed Dandy

Kampot pepper

Fragrant and Tasty, Kampot Peppercorns

Post: Postcard to l’efant terrible of niche perfume critique
for Reviewing the fragrance Multiflore the writers receive a Gift of Kampot peppercorns
Gift Recipients:
Amer, Greece. Amer is now a writer for The Fragrant Man.
Long Hoang, Sydney. Review via Facebook.
Jane Daly from Daly Beauty, Canada. Review via Twitter.
The Smelly Vagabond from The Smelly Vagabond.
You can read their reviews of Multiflore in the comments sections at the link above.

Kampot pepper

Gifts – one bag of black and one bag of red Kampot peppercorns from Cambodia

Post: Postcard to Undina
Gift: Kampot Peppercorns
Gift Recipient: The Smelly Vagabond. That’s two gifts to you!

John Oehler Aphrodesia
Post: John Oehler’s Fragrant Reading List
Book: The perfume thriller, Aphrodesia; Kindle edition
Gift recipients: Tess Tickle. Miss Tickle only reads one book a year. This year she has already read the biography of Whitney Houston written by Whitney’s mum, Cissy Houston. Tess has kindly allocated the gift to Dallas Vixen, who is a perfume stylist for Mecca Cosmetica.
Lucas – The Chemist in The Bottle via Facebook.
Leela Lila Luckie – via Facebook.

imagePost: Sonoma Scent Studio’s Spiced Citrus Vetiver
1ml Spiced Citrus Vetiver
sample of Tulsi tea
sample of New Caledonia sandalwood absolute
Gift Recipient – Poodle

Post: Jour Ensoleille – Coming Home
Gift: 3ml sample
Gift Recipient – Julie

Image 22
Post: Balmy Days and Sundays – Ineke
Gift: 1ml sample
Gift Recipient – Ro

Post: Vintage Chloe
Gift: 1ml sample vintage Chloe
Gift Recipient – Brigitte

Please contact The Fragrant Man via the contact tab with your postal address.

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