A Fragrant Poem to the Black Narcissus

By brie.

There is a perfumed man
living in Japan
with a fragrant double life
giving him much strife

Until one day
there came his way
an Altoid tin

Filled within
was a sampling of verbotten delights
for his weekend wearings and nights

And yet there was one scent
that was absolutely meant
to be worn at work
without a colleague’s smirk

So a full bottle across the globe
was mailed, as she was told
’twas the only perfume he could wear
without a scour or stare
without offence to any

Now there is plenty
of California Star Jasmine perfume
to fragrant him in his classroom!

by Alabaster Wrists

California Star Jasmine – Pacifica
Classification: Floral
Perfumer: Brooke Harvey Taylor

Top: Orange
Heart: Jasmine
Dry Down: Driftwood


4 responses to “A Fragrant Poem to the Black Narcissus

  1. What a cute poem. I’m happy to see Brie is still posting. How have I not smelled this one? I’m going to have to look for it the next time I see some Pacifica scents.

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