OUD SERIES: The Smell of Oud by Terroir

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Over the next 14 weeks we will be exploring Oud wood and oil. Not the synthetics that are now a staple of mainstream perfumery; this series will go to the source of the oil itself.

This is the link to Part 7 of the weekly Oud Series which is on Fragrantica.
Fasten your web-belts; let’s go web-travelling…

Part 1: My name is dehn al Oud

Part 2: The Oud Oeuvre

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Part 5: Rolling In The Deep Without Adele

Part 6: What is the smell of Oud oil?

Part 7: The Smell of Oud by Terroir

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In Part 7 we explore the areas in the maps above to see how the scent of Oud can be differentiated by the place that it is grown.

Examples by Terroir

Oud Bengal Image: Agaraura

Oud Bengal
Image: Agaraura

Oud Bengal – indescribable jungliness mixing with the tobacco-suede notes.


Oud Idrees
Image: Ensar Oud

Oud Idrees – wild sinking-grade distillation from 100-yr old trees. – sunshine in a bottle.


Borneo Kinam
Image: Ensar Oud

Borneo Kinam – wild-harvested – bold woodiness.

Oud Kampuchea – wild-harvested - Image: Agaraura

Oud Kampuchea 
Image: Agaraura

Oud Kampuchea – wild-harvested – radiant resinous core, sweetly penetrated by notes of fruit.

Chinese Exclusive Image: Ensar Oud

Chinese Exclusive
Image: Ensar Oud

Chinese Exclusive – a wonderful whirl of soft vanilla with tobacco’s earthiness, and a sharp edge of musk slicing through.

Bhavana Image: Agaraura

Image: Agaraura

Bhavana – wild-harvested –  plenty of barnyard character.


Maroke 2004
Image: Ensar Oud

Papua New Guines
Maroke 2004 – a pulsating jungly oud essence.


Oud Yusuf
Image: Ensar Oud

Oud Yusuf – organic and ethically harvested – a floral dream.

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