Message in a Bottle by Luca Turin – Update

An update on this update is here.

Message in a Bottle is the name of Luca Turin’s new column which will be published by Arabia. The column is bi-monthly and started in August 2013.

Luca Turin.  Photo via

Luca Turin, Perfume Critic AKA The Emperor of Scent
Photo: Chris Clunn via

Full Interview –

Further Reading
Luca Turin – interview by Caterina Minthe
The Quantum Unicorn Accord
The Quantum Coffee Accord
The Secret of Scent by Luca Turin
BBC News – ‘Quantum smell’ idea gains ground
Paris Review Emily Gould reacts to Perfumes: The A-Z Guide
Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez – interview and love story by Simone from Mais Que Perfume.
The Emperor of Scent by Chandler Burr reviewed by Portia Turbo
Perfumes: The A-Z Guide by Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez
Molecular Vibration-Sensing Component in Human Olfaction Public Library of Science

Smell Theory round-up by Rose Gray – see ODOU magazine . In the first issue of ODOU magazine Rose Gray articulates the various theories of smell including Vibration Theory, Odotype Theory, Lock and Key Theory and several other historical and current theories.

Message in a Bottle
Column I
Column II
Column III
Column IV
Column V
Column VI

December 2013 – Luca Turin update No. 2

8 responses to “Message in a Bottle by Luca Turin – Update

    • Lol Lucas! The name is from a famous quote of his. But yes he is lucky. I would imagine that one day he will be reviewing your creations. In the meantime we have your bottle, his bottle and about 1330 actual bottles P.A. to enjoy (or not).

        • Sting! Sending out an SOS. Luca has sent out a few SOS’s about the state of perfumery or more specifically the perfume industry. I think perfume is a message in a bottle.

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