2013 – 1432 New Perfumes released to market


1432 was the number of new perfumes released in 2013. Michael Edwards’ annual reference book Fragrances of the World, from where that statistic comes, is now available for $US210. This the 30th anniversary edition.

I liked how the Fragrance Historian, Octavian Coifan expressed his opinion last year about the number of 2012 releases which was 1330. I cannot quote Octavian as he has taken his site offline. His site, 1000 Fragrances, was dedicated to the elevation of perfumery as The 8th Art. The site was too deep in the perfume pool for me to understand a couple of years ago. Now that I know more, I miss this resource, and his erudite writing on perfume. Octavian took a positive approach to the number of releases.

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Octavian Coifan
Images via Jurnalul.ro

In a world largely at peace, there is the opportunity for technology and artistry to work together to create truly wonderful expressions of perfume. Entire industries are able to focus on scent rather than on other things. Of course some of this focus is merely commercial. To find these truly wonderful expressions of perfume there is a lot of dreck to sort through to find the wonder of it all. But when you find it, it is indeed a wonder.

Photo: Gary Heery Flowers: Saskia Hevekes for Michael Edwards

Photo: Gary Heery
Flowers: Saskia Havekes for Michael Edwards

The cover of last year’s Fragrances of the World featured a floral arrangement by Saskia Havekes whose Floral Atelier, Grandiflora, has since branched out into perfume with the release of Grandiflora Magnolia – Sandrine and Grandiflora Magnolia – Michel. Grandiflora Magnolia – Sandrine is pictured second-from-the left on the second-to-top row of the current edition of Fragrances of the World.

In 1993 there were 132 new perfume releases, by 2003 the number had grown to 581. As noted above, 2012 saw 1330 releases and in 2013 retail shelves made room for a further 1492 new perfumes. This information as well as the classification of all of these fragrances are detailed in Michael’s latest book.

Michael Edwards – Fragrances of the World – website

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Kristine W – The Wonder of It All

16 responses to “2013 – 1432 New Perfumes released to market

  1. I won’t “Like” this post even though I’m thankful to you for posting it: I dislike that waterfall of new releases because I do not believe that in that mass a true talent will find its audience. But we have what we have and we’ll learn to live in the world with thousands new perfumes released every year.

  2. To continue where Undina left off… I liked this post for no other reason than this barrage of releases is all too much. So much is released with or without fanfare that it’s all too easy – or should that be, tempting? – to just ignore 99.5% of them. But if the market will bear it…? 😉

    • Hello Quantum Tarleisio, published author and all that! Congratulations and here’s to a reprint.

      Seems the market will bear this in terms of ‘bottle’ line profit. I think you and I are happy with our nose selections of .5%

  3. Will the market bear it? I am tired of how many people have smelled my perfumes and love them vs own them. The decant nation is winning the war, we’ll be pouring this year’s swill down the drains in time for next years iterations.

  4. Thank you, Jordan. I do appreciate your featuring FRAGRANCES OF THE WORLD 2014. Its the 30th anniversary edition. 1984 > 2014. From 38 new fragrances in my first tiny guide to more than 1,400 last year. So much choice, and yet that’s the reality of life today. More movies, more restaurants, more stores, resorts …

    For me, it’s been fun helping you to make sense of it all.

    And the best thing is, I’m still passionate about perfume.

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