Fleurs de Web – Postcard to l’Enfant Terrible of Niche Perfume Critique

Postcard to l’Enfant Terrible of Niche Perfume Critique



The writer of a perfume review based on the photograph Multiflore, will receive a Fragrant and Tasty gift of Kampot Peppercorns from Cambodia. Please leave your review in the comments below.

Never written a perfume review? Have a go. What do you smell?

The Google Nose software did not function but I am sure you can smell Multiflore via The Fragrant Man interface that you are presently browsing.

Professional Perfume writers are also welcome to review Multiflore.

In the spirit of perfume critiquing; the gift recipient will be chosen subjectively by The Fragrant Man.

Gift recipient announced at May 2013 month end.
Mailed to wherever you are tonight in The Fragrant Stratosphere.

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18 responses to “Fleurs de Web – Postcard to l’Enfant Terrible of Niche Perfume Critique

  1. I can smell Flesh … I mean Fresh … freshness of the flowers.
    It’s interesting to view the Kampot Peppercorn fragrant this time. Not only I particularly in love with peppercorn in general; with Kampot’s, I would die to try. Famous export to Europe used to be.

  2. Multiflore starts sweet and spicy with a vegetal hint. Poppy seeds like sweetened gentle pepper and stems (with a clear hint of violet leaf) crowned by a haze of lillies, of the green type. As the perfume evolves on skin the top notes become more and more transparent like a piece of clothing that disappears while worn only to reveal the heart theme of gentle adolescent musk and rose. As the top notes dissipate the heart becomes warmer and a hint of green apple appears, acidic and juicy, reminiscent of clean sweat, not in the least disturbing, just adding some sensuality to the mix, playing very well with musk and rose. In the drydown we realize that it has been a long day and the musk now rests weary but still very much present on a bed of ivy and mosses. The limpid body of the sleeping faun is now cradled by the forest floor but underneath the cover of foliage the pulse of a beating animalic heart can still be detected in the form of an ambery oud. Some leather and orris complete the oud theme.
    A phenomenal new release that renders its floral components humanlike and enticing in a very novel way. The composition evolves effortlessly and seamlessly. The perfume radiates elegant sexiness and although designed for non-comformist males, can be easily appropriated by women.

    • and how do you feel about been appropriated as a guest writer Amer? I have a back log of unreviewed ‘umes as it takes at least 3 or 4 days to smell and write about just one. Thank you for your fragrant words. Peace.

      • Amer-
        After reading your mini review again I must say that you would make a fantastic guest writer for the “Fragrant Man”….why not contact Jordan and give it a whirl?

  3. Thanks for the heads up I appreciate it 😀 ❤
    Ooooh my take on Mulitflore?
    For some reason at first I suspect a carnation-centered fragrance, maybe a bit oldschool but what the heck – a semi-nude guy in a flowershop as a pinup is a bit oldschool!
    I get a vegetal citrus up top, with a damp, dewy calone-like melon accord, a bit aquatic and ozonic – a confusing mish-mash just like walking into a flower shop and not sure what you're getting.
    The clove note pushes forward hardest (the carnation) – tainted with a bit of eau de cologne-style lavender in an old-school barbershop way. The more feminine roses are a touch restrained – feeling slightly out of place like this guy 😛
    As it dries down the floral heat all but vanishes too quickly as a generic woody/amber drydown ensues, yes yes, heavy norlimanol and a touch of iso e! The faintest hint of spicy cumin coming from the roses being the only thing interesting remaining. Sure Multiflore is sexy on the outside but what comes later when you get to know it a bit better is unfortunately a little dull and "generic" 😛

      • 😛 You’re too kind! Haha. I think Amer has out-written anyone on the poetic front.
        Oh and I hope the writer has seen the film Amer… awesome 😀

        • You are too kind. I haven’t seen Amer (2009?) but from what I read on IMDB it is a neo-giallo? As a die-hard fan of the genre and after your encouragement I will sure seek it out.

          • A fan already! Perfect 😀
            That’s the one. It’s a bit minimal, a bit too arty for it’s own good 😛 But an awesomely abstract (and twisted) finale. Beautiful film.

  4. Jane Daly via Twitter @daly_beauty
    @TheFragrantMan Multiflore: Top notes of jammy rose & peony, a heart of lavender & iris, on a base of vetiver & slightly animalic musks.

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