La Légende de Shalimar – mini-movie

Here it is; it is not a 4 hour movie with choreography by Portia Turbo. It’s a mini-movie!

The Guerlain movie The Legend of Shalimar, directed by Bruni Aveillan and starring Natalia Vodianova and Willy Cartier is on a screen right in front of you.

La Légende de Shalimar : le film – GUERLAIN

Futher Reading
Movie Poster

Olfactoria contemplates and compares Shalimar:
Extrait de Parfum, 1967
Eau de Toilette, 1967
Eau de Cologne, 1967
Eau de Parfum, 2010
Extrait de Parfum, ca. 2010
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Shalimar Ode a la Vanille sur la route de Madagascar
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Shalimar Ode a la Vanille sur la Route du Mexique
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Shalimar Parfum Initial 2011
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Shalimar Parfum l’Initial l’Eau
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The History of Shalimar – The Perfume Shrine

8 responses to “La Légende de Shalimar – mini-movie

  1. I have shared it on my FB page AND on Aphrodesia’s FB page (both with a link to The Fragrant Man).

  2. I love this video a lot.
    I love their reincarnation and repositioning of Shalimar to the place it truly belongs. It was avoided for many years.



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