Puredistance – M – Cuisse de Berger Ému

M from Puredistance is a very intimate scent to me. It like a lover’s perineum an hour or so after a shower but ready for a second round of love-making. Or to put it more politely, it is flushed and heated like a cuisse de berger ému, a shepherd’s thigh on his return to the fold after days on the mountains. An orange blossom sheen has coated his skin from the trees with the inedible fruits which he has brushed past in his haste to return home. Sticky tangles of labdanum resin cling to his hairy calves. This Calabrian shepherd is ému, excited, and he is now home. His sheepskin clothes are stripped to the floor and become a leather and wool pile by the fire beside which he and his lover remain smoking hot for the next 12 hours. Yes this shepherd has longevity. He also has rhythm.

I cannot wear this out of the house although I know it be the preferred scent for many men in the boardroom who are possibly influenced by references elsewhere to Aston Martins and James Bond. It is perfect though for home entertainment.


M – Puredistance
Perfumer: Roja Dove
Released: 2010
Perfume Extrait 25% Perfume Oil

Bergamot, Lemon, Rose, Jasmine, Cinnamon, Patchouli, Moss, Labdanum, Vetiver, Vanilla, Leather, Musk


Tomorrow is the launch of a new scent by Puredistance. We will go on a fantastical journey to the Netherlands to unveil the secret 2-years-in-the-making story of their next release…

Puredistance interviews Clayton Ilolahia
Clayton Ilolahia interviews Jan Ewoud Vos

M Reviews
Smelly Thoughts review
Anna Kullgren “swoon worthy”
Kafka‘s review – “molten marvel”
Olfactoria’s Travels review “blew me away”
Té de Violetas“M is dangerously seductive”
Té de Violetas“M es peligrosamente seductor”
Smelly Thoughts Too Young To Like It l’enfant terrible of niche perfume critique in a fragrant drama that played out on Facebook. The gentlemen have now returned to their respective corners.
The Perfume Chronicles – detects a certain unlisted note with a ‘decidedly “down-under” male scent…’ Normand concludes that “what is so special about M is the way it evolves… sometimes leathery, sometimes woody, sometimes smoky, but always interesting.”

Further Reading
The Perfume Lover by Denyse Beaulieu, English edition, page 182, is where I was first introduced me to the thighs of shepherdesses and nymphs.

3 responses to “Puredistance – M – Cuisse de Berger Ému

  1. Puredistance M is really exquisite. I don’t know why I missed it for so long. Maybe I was afraid that I will fall in love with the perfume that is this expensive? I don’t know. Not long ago I decided to give it a try and it really is a beautiful perfume. I get quite a lot of lavender/absinthe from it.
    And BLACK is wonderful too!

    • It is worthy of the tag A Master Perfume. I first thought this term to be self-praise but I have changed my mind to think it states their standard and so far they certainly maintain it. Does this continues with BLACK? I will be back in the black of tonight to let you know…

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