Bombay Bling

Bombay Bling – Neela Vermeire Créations

I can’t add to the column inches that have been written about the perfume called Bombay Bling except to say I love The Big Mango Opening, the lychee note, and the rest of the colorful journey that this energetic perfume takes you on.

Kafka’s review is titled Dance Dance Dance! so let’s do that today with a trip to Bollywood to see the inspiration for this unusual perfume.

In Bollywood an actor must also have dancing talent as you are about to see. A warning to the Ladies; best skip the last video as it is a heart racer.

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If you have Bombay Bling somewhere in your life then now is the time for a double spritz…

Lets start with Om Shanti Om, a blockbuster directed and choreographed by a woman called Farah Khan. Dhoom Taana is the song, and apart from that, I really can’t explain this one at all…except to say Farah Khan choreography!

In the next video, also from Om Shanti Om, Farah Khan managed to get together the stars of Bollywood by giving them cameo roles in a dance sequence. This is akin to having the red carpet walkers from the Grammys all appear in the same movie in a dance number.

Doom is an action movie starring the hip-swirling man-doll called John Abraham.

Shah Rukh Khan was in the first two videos. You can see why he is known as The King of Bollywood. His grandfather is a Pashtun from Afghanistan. The following sequence is from Om Shanti Om when he was 42 years young.

Ishq Bina means it is hard to live without Ishq (Love) in life.
There are two versions of this love ballad here. The movie is called Taal. My friend since 5 years old, Manisha, slow walked into the temple on her wedding day wearing a white sari with 10,000 hand-beaded red and white Swarkoski crystals to this song. We were breathless.

Stadium Version – Ishq Bina – Aishwarya Rai

Love is sweeter than raw sugar
Love is more bitter than tamarind
Is it pain, or is it the cure for pain?
– Ishq Bina lyrics: Anand Bakshi

Dostana – John Abraham. Ladies you have been warned…

On Bollywood
Victoria Frolova of Bois de Jasmin in an interview on Olfactoria’s Travels prescribes Bollywood movies as effective anti-depressants…

It’s hard to feel sorry for yourself when the lovers are separated by evil villains, strict parents, society rules and even the gods themselves; when everyone, including the dashing hero, cries a river; when beautiful women jump from behind the trees and break out into a song on the spur of a moment; when the colors are so vivid that you feel dazzled. The best escapist fun!
Victoria Frolova

Do you have Bollywood Dreams? Lanier at Scents Memory has a story about a jungly girl who was told that her ankles were too thin to become a dancer. Does she make it to Bollywood to star in the movie version of Bombay Bling? You can find out here.

On Perfume
So how does this perfume smell, based as it is on colour, movement and tight choreography? You can find out in the real perfume reviews below or by ordering a sample set of Bombay Bling, Trayee and Mohur for $US27 or a discovery set for $US117.
Full bottle worthy? $US250 for 55ml.

Neela Vermeire Créations – website

Perfume Reviews
Kafka – Dance Dance Dance!
The Chemist in The Bottle – Sassy Joy
Scents Memory – Rajdulari goes to Bollywood
Australian Perfume Junkies – a hot, white and green sensation.
The Scented Hound – reminds me of purity, optimism and sheer happiness.
The Candy Perfume Boy – a kaleidoscope of fruit and flowers that provided me with…confidence and exuberance…
Olfactoria’s Travels – Green mango, carefree happiness and all that is great about Bollywood are radiating out of that bottle, infecting you and all around you with a good dose of joy.
All I Am a Redhead – A happy, smile-inducing mango perfume. In the beginning. Later, you lose the mango prominence and the whole perfume is a riot of smells (in a good way).
Bois de Jasmin – a Bollywood dance in a bottle, swirling its notes around an insistent drumbeat of patchouli.

Kafkaesque – Interview with Neela Vermeire

Bombay Bling – Neela Vermeire Créations
Perfumer: Bertrand Duchaufour
Classification: Fruity Floriental
Released: 2012
Neela Vermeire Créations – website


mango, lychee, blackcurrant, cardamom, cumin, cistus
rose accord, turkish rose, jasmine sambac absolute, madagascar ylang-ylang, white floral accord of tuberose, frangipani, gardenia
patchouli, tobacco, white woods, sandalwood, cedar, vanilla

Closing Show
Released last month; this is Chennai Express.

The Fragrant Man will be back on Friday with Neela Vermeire Créations’ latest creation.

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  3. Thank you for the link referral, dear Jordan. I love the videos. Just love them! I’m going to have to come back and spend even more time with them because who can resist?!

  4. Where’s my fan? Phew! Absolutely worn out with all that dancing. Wonderful videos – colour, energy and over-the-top – loved them.

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    • Great news, especially for Mysore Sandalwood lovers and others. Trayee is my favourite but this Bombay Bling makes me feel happy. You must be back from Pitti. Obviously a successful trip.

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