Harvesting the Dream

A Series of Sandalwood Dreams

Let's harvest. Photo: TFS

Let’s harvest.
Photo: TFS

We stepped back in time with Part 1 and Part 2 of this Series of Sandalwood Dreams. Last night we looked at the planting of a sandalwood dream way back in 1999.

Today we are moving forward in time to right now.

Right now we are ready to harvest this sandalwood dream…

Part 4 is over at Basenotes; click here to web-travel.

A Series of Sandalwood Dreams
Basenotes – Part 1 – Myths and Legends
Basenotes – Part 2 – The Perfumed Chamber
Basenotes – Part 3 – Planting Santalum album in Australia 
Basenotes – Part 4 – Harvesting September 2013
Basenotes – Part 5 – Processing Sandalwood Logs
Basenotes – Part 6 – Distillation
Basenotes – Part 7 – What does it smell like?
Basenotes – Part 8 – Sandalwood Oil Giveaway

One response to “Harvesting the Dream

  1. This is already an interesting series of articles, looking forward to learning more about ‘Australian album’.

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