A Series of Sandalwood Dreams…

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This is a night flight…

Fasten your web-belts dear readers. Tonight we are journeying across the web for A Series of Sandalwood Dreams. Let’s see if these dreams take us to a heightened sense of reality over the next 8 nights.

Perfume Observant readers may be able to sample something very special somewhere along this journey. Tonight we will meet Mr Purna who is so old that he now resides in the Pali Canon. Tomorrow we will visit The Perfumed Chamber, an ancient place shrouded in the mists of time. I have discovered that the remains of this chamber exist today. There will be clues as to how you can find recreations of The Perfumed Chamber in your own city, home town or village. After that we will explore the northern reaches of a continent that broke away from Gondwanaland many eons ago. We will be visiting perfume plantations and a thriving distillery which uses the principles of alchemy and modern science to turn your sandalwood dreams into reality.

We are starting with a mytho-historical story and this story begins over here at Basenotes…

Let’s go web-traveling.


A Series of Sandalwood Dreams
Basenotes – Part 1 – Myths and Legends
Basenotes – Part 2 – The Perfumed Chamber
Basenotes – Part 3 – Planting Santalum album in Australia 
Basenotes – Part 4 – Harvesting September 2013
Basenotes – Part 5 – Processing Sandalwood Logs
Basenotes – Part 6 – Distillation
Basenotes – Part 7 – What does it smell like?
Basenotes – Part 8 – Sandalwood Oil Giveaway

15 responses to “A Series of Sandalwood Dreams…

  1. Beautiful story, cheated and read the second instalment over on Basenotes. The story gets better, am waiting with bated breathe for the final stage.

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