The Perfumed Chamber


The Perfumed Chamber; what an evocative description. These words sent me trawling through the Pali Canon and translations of Sanskrit to discover where and what this place was. In the modern way I was able to talk directly with scholars via email to fact-check and confirm just what The Perfumed Chamber was and is today.

A Series of Sandalwood Dreams – Part 2 takes us to the Jeta Forest to find the remains of this chamber which while partially shrouded in the mists of time has not been lost to the world. There will be clues as where you can find modern recreations of The Perfumed Chamber in your own city, village or hometown. Somewhere along this series you may be able to sample a perfume ingredient that is making a come-back after almost disappearing from this world altogether.

We will travel to places so hot that people go heat-crazy in the northern reaches of a certain continent. This heated environment is perfect for growing a certain perfume tree. Mixed in with this adventure is some applied alchemy and science.

This series also includes a visit with Clayton Ilolahia to see exactly what he does with his perfume organ. A Sufi Mystic, a movie star from Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and a therapist who applies healing scents to appreciative people also make appearances in this 8 part series.

Will you dream with me? Click here. Let’s see if we can turn these dreams into reality…


A Series of Sandalwood Dreams
Basenotes – Part 1 – Myths and Legends
Basenotes – Part 2 – The Perfumed Chamber
Basenotes – Part 3 – Planting Santalum album in Australia 
Basenotes – Part 4 – Harvesting September 2013
Basenotes – Part 5 – Processing Sandalwood Logs
Basenotes – Part 6 – Distillation
Basenotes – Part 7 – What does it smell like?
Basenotes – Part 8 – Sandalwood Oil Giveaway

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