Christmas Gift Idea 2013 – Collector’s Item $US190

Collector’s Item

The Art of Scent 1889-2012 Exhibition Catalogue by Chandler Burr $US190

Available for the first time via Lucky Scent (previously this was only available from M.A.D.).

This is the catalogue from The Art of Scent Exhibition at the Museum of Arts & Design in New York. The catalogue includes vials of the scents from the exhibition as well as an explanation as to how these scents are matched to various art movements such as Luminism, Post-Brutalism and Romanticism. The full list of art movements is right at the end of this post if you would like to amuse yourself by matching the artistic schools to the scents. The essays within the catalogue explain in historic detail the reason why Mr Burr has parlayed each ‘fume into a particular movement to support the concept that Perfume is Art.

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A comprehensive historical collection of eleven scents featured in the inaugural exhibition by the Museum of Arts and Design’s Department of Olfactory Art. The exhibition, curated by Chandler Burr, examines the historical evolution of fragrance as art over a century of innovation. Each scent is contained in a printed glass vial of and accompanied by a soft cover book of eleven essays placing each work in historical context. The catalogue is written by exhibition curator Chandler Burr.

Lucky Scent

Lucky Scent will also be hosting the 2014 Untitled Series. What a relief! International delivery at last and no more spammy emails by the 1000’s from the dreaded and dreadful OpenSky asking me to buy things from them whilst being incapable of shipping a perfume decant vial outside the USA. At one stage OpenSky managed to send out the incorrect Untitled Series bottles and raised the Untitled stakes to a whole new level as mass confusion ensued. It really was Beyond Untitled as everyone was smelling a completely different ‘fume to what Mr Burr had described. Surely the perfume comedy of errors of this decade. I feel the need to quote the prophet Nathan Branch whose original prediction was “Train Wreck”.

If the Untitled Series is unfamiliar to you then look out for a post about this in 2014 or if your curiosity needs instant gratification there is a link below.

Untitled Series Info
There is no commencement date yet for the first series in 2014.
Basenotes has a thread with the latest facts including the reason for this welcome change. Of course there are some great opinions on the thread as well.

Further Gift Guide Reading

Opium L'Objet Rare edition. 50 bottles were produced. Further Information at Now Smell This.

Opium L’Objet Rare edition. 50 bottles were produced.
Further Information at Now Smell This which is also where I found this image.

Now Smell This – Robin’s Gift Guides
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The Smelly Vagabond is hosting an index to the Christmas 2013 Perfume Gift Guides from my esteemed colleagues.

The Fragrant Man – Christmas Gift Ideas
Gift Idea 1 Ineke Scent Library – $US22
Gift Idea 2 Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Holiday Themed Perfumes – $US5 – $US70
Gift Idea 3 Cire Trudon – Scented Candles $US95 ~ $US120
Gift Idea 4 Tom Ford Mini-Flacons $US325 – $US360 / £176 – £220
Gift Idea 5 E-books and an e-magazine $US2.99 – $US9.84
Gift Idea Final The Art of Scent Catalogue $US190 – this post

Art Movements
I will give you a clue; if you match Jean-Claude Ellena to Luminism you will have the drift of this conceptual analysis of Art and Perfume.
Abstract Expressionism
Early American School
Kinetic Sculpture
Photo Realism

3 responses to “Christmas Gift Idea 2013 – Collector’s Item $US190

  1. Good news about the Untitled Series moving to LuckyScent. I did not participate when it was run as part of OpenSky because I felt the sign up process was a hot mess, if I recall.

    Thanks for compiling Robin’s Gift Guides…I missed the Luxury version!

    • What is a word that would mean beyond a hot mess or hotter than a hot mess? Your recall is spot-on.

      The $35,000 finale to Robin’s guide was a jaw-dropper. I hope it finds an appropriate home. How is your chandelier situation Hajusuuri?

      • “Hotter than a Hot Mess” = DIsaster.

        As to the chandelier, I would just as soon have a chandelier for my own use (ummmm, although if I hang a full-sized one that looks like THAT from MY ceiling, it will probably reach the floor), than one to light up a La Vie Est Belle bottle!

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