The 2013 Christmas Music of Perfumeland

The 2013 Christmas Music of Perfumeland

I am sitting on my deck having a great time armchair traveling around the world listening to Christmas music in several languages selected by various Perfumistas. Often I avoid Christmas due to crass commercialisation. I definitely avoid all shopping malls and spend December on the beach. The posts below, which are paired with perfume selections, have really brought the spirit of the season right to my door.

Regardless of one’s personal beliefs we can all thank Jesus for a holiday break and time to spend with family and loved ones or for just actually having the time to help those in need. Eau my Magdalena; that last sentence sounds like the Queen’s Christmas message (which I always enjoy watching). Let’s move right along to…

New York
Pacific Northwest

It is summer here in New Zealand. On Christmas Day we are having a picnic at the beach under the native trees that happen to flower all over in red right on Christmas time. These celebratory trees that only grow along the coast are called Pohutukawa Trees.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Wishing you all A Mary Christmas (the link is a selection of festive but non-religious music by Mary J. Blige and Luther Vandross).

Let your heart be light,

Jordan River

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16 responses to “The 2013 Christmas Music of Perfumeland

    • Peace Azar, can you see the picture of the red trees in the slideshow above or does that not work on your device?

      I hope your holidays are relaxing and that your spirit is light.

      NZ Christmas Tree

      A celebratory tree

      Christmas in New Zealand

      Pohutukawa Tree

      Pohutukawa Trees – The New Zealand native Christmas Tree as they only flower in the two weeks prior to Christmas and then last maybe a week or so more.

    • Kia Ora e hoa! One day you will be home for Christmas but like a lot of Kiwis it sounds like you have made a home across the seas and over the oceans.

      I wish you a warm day ahead! Joyeux Noël.

  1. Loved thinking of you on your sunny deck sharing our Christmas songs around the world, Jordan. Thanks for the round-up.

    Those red flowering coastal trees look stunning.

    Have a fabulous beachy Christmas!.

    • Never had a White Christmas; that seems as strange to us as Christmas in the sun or on the beach must be to the Lands of the North. There are all kinds of joy in this world, and I wish you lots Tara, tonight, tomorrow and into 2014 and beyond.

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