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I only give one interview a year…

Olfactoria's Travels

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Once upon a time Jordan River was a shy lurker who one day decided to comment on one of my Monday Questions. The comment became so long he emailed it to me and it became a guest post here called Indefensible Amounts of Beauty. He thinks that I am like an airport; he landed on me and took off! A month after that Jordan launched his website called The Fragrant Man on Valentines Day this year. As well as writing for Olfactoria’s Travels and Australian Perfume Junkies he is a Basenotes contributor for whom he recently covered the first Australian album sandalwood harvest (Mysore sandalwood grown in Australia).

Let’s find out more about this Kiwi man who lives on an island in the Southern Hemisphere. The island is poetically prosaically called North.

A good day starts with a carafe of coffee. I had hoped to be highly…

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