Christmas Gift Idea 5 – Instant Delivery for late shoppers $2.99 – $9.84

Perfumistas if you have found yourself without a gift for yourself or your loved ones there is only one option left; e-books. Well, maybe there are two options; the other being a Gift Voucher so someone, maybe yourself, can have a perfume shopping experience. This post covers the first option at US price points from $2.99 to $9.84.

Scent and Subversion: Decoding a Century of Provocative Fragrance by Barbara Herman
The Kindle edition is $USD9.84.

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I imagine that most people would prefer this book as a coffee table book especially as the publisher has taken great care with the placement and printing of the many vintage perfume posters that are scattered throughout the book. This book lives on my Kindle and I am happy having all the posters easily accessible there as well as Barbara’s words.
Book Review
Launch Notes

ODOU magazine Edition 1
There are 2 issues per year. You can have Issue 1 delivered instantly anywhere in this world as an e-magazine for $US5.


ODOU – magazine review
ODOU – launch information

Fragrant Fiction
Aphrodesia – The Perfume Thriller by John Oehler
Special Holiday Season Price for the Kindle e-book edition is $2.99.

In the flickering light of a hundred oil lamps, Balquees stood in her bath trying to conceal her anxiety from the servant girls washing her.

“We have come prepared, my queen.” Stepping forward, the vizier produced a golden flask from his robes.“Provided you are willing to endure a rapture so powerful it could consume both of you in its fire.”
“I am willing.”
He hesitated. “Are you certain?”
Balquees held out her hand. “Give me the fragrance.”


So begins Aphrodesia, a scented story by John Oehler. The plot quickly moves to the 21st century where the characters meet at a perfume school in Versailles where they are studying. Tired of synthetic Oud? This novel has Fictitious Oud!

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John’s second novel, the techno-thriller Papyrus has hit one of Amazon’s bestsellers list for the 3rd time, this time in the Action-Adventure/Romance list.

John Poehler Feature

Aphrodesia Book Review – Olfactoria’s Travels
Author Interview – includes a visit to a perfume school in Versailles.
Papyrus Book Review – Olfactoria’s Travels
Smell in Writing – John Oehler Interview
John Oehler’s Fragrant Reading List

Further Reading
Other Gifts – deliverable via mail and therefore not instant…

Opium L'Objet Rare edition. 50 bottles were produced. Further Information at Now Smell This.

Opium L’Objet Rare edition. 50 bottles were produced.
Further Information at Now Smell This.

Now Smell This – Robin’s Gift Guides
Part 1: Scented Body Products
Part 2: Travel Sizes & Coffrets
Part 3: Home Fragrance
Part 4: Gifts for Men
Part 5: Fragrant Teas and Sweets
Part 6: Holiday Fragrance Gifts
– more travel sizes and coffrets, plus a couple of solid perfumes and one more fragrance subscription program
Part 7: Budget Options
Part 8: Luxury Items

The Smelly Vagabond is hosting an index to the Christmas 2013 Perfume Gift Guides from my esteemed colleagues.

The Fragrant Man – Christmas Gift Ideas
Gift Idea 1 Ineke Scent Library – $US22
Gift Idea 2 Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Holiday Themed Perfumes – $US5 – $US70
Gift Idea 3 Cire Trudon – Scented Candles
Gift Idea 4 Tom Ford Mini-Flacons
Gift Idea 5 E-books and e-magazine – this post

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