Postcard to Undina

Love Sun Siem Reap Dawn

01 January 2000, Srah Srang, Siem Reap. Photo: Jordan River
(this photo has not been Photoshopped)

This post is in response to A Postcard from Undina.

The writer of a photo caption, in the comments below, subjectively chosen by The Fragrant Man, will receive a Fragrant and Tasty gift of Kampot Peppercorns from Cambodia.

Gift recipient announced at April 2013 month end.
Mailed to wherever you are tonight in The Fragrant Stratosphere.

A Place of Peace
Srah Srang is a Khmer-made lake, a water reservoir in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

water has been stored for the benefit of all creatures

10th century inscription
on stone at Srah Srang

There is also a Fragrant Legend about this place. A tale to be told shortly on The Fragrant Man.

12 responses to “Postcard to Undina

  1. (Don’t enter me in the contest, but I’m inspired to reply). The gorgeous moody photo makes me think of Lamartine’s “The Lake”–which has nothing to do with the photo, I know:

    “May the wind that groans, the reed that sighs,
    may the soft scent of your fragrant air,
    may everything that is heard, seen or breathed
    all say: They loved!”

  2. Jordan
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Great photo post card. Fragrance is too little appreciated and unlike photography, it is something that can’t be placed on the internet.

    • The www is a very appreciative place for both these modalities. But yes there are fragrant words on the net but not the scent despite the attempt this week by the Google Nose software launch on April 1. Click on, Victor.

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  4. My caption is a quote by Jo Walton:
    “There’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they’re absolutely free. Don’t miss so many of them.”

    This photo was a reminder to me to take time to be inspired and moved by beauty.

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