Fragrant Ingredient Alert – Kampot Pepper – Giveaway

In the 1920’s every French restaurant kitchen worth it’s salt and pepper used Kampot pepper from Cambodia, a former French colony. When Pol Pot became the Director, sorry make that, Dictator of Kampuchea he declared Grow Rice, Not Spice, a rhyming but odd domestic policy as Cambodia suddenly had no exports. It used to export this to Europe by the tonne.

Like Champagne, this pepper has geographical appellation status because of it’s unique taste… and scent.

Black Kampot pepper Cambodia

Black Kampot Peppercorns

The Top notes have hints of mint and eucalyptus followed by a floral heart and a base note that can only be described as pepper ++. The smell is enchanting, it is appetite enchancing, this Bordeaux of peppercorns is absolutely aromatic and a taste sensation.

Red Kampot Peppercorns Cambodia

Red Kampot Peppercorns

Add to strawberries macerated in balsamic vinegar to wow your next dinner guests. Rough pound with pestle for savory dishes or freshly grind to sprinkle just prior to serving. Oh, and throw away the MSG that you have hiding back left of your pantry.

Kampot Pepper is the first Cambodian product to benefit from the status of Protected Geographical Indication. The taste and smell is linked to the terroir, rainfall, the local water and traditional Khmer farming techniques.

It’s got a floral dimension that’s really something special.
Anthony Bourdain
Chef, Author, Food and Travel Show Host

A certain sweetness to it rather than straightforward heat.
Michael Laiskonis
Le Bernardin, New York
New York City

It just so happens that I was in Kampot recently, eating crab cooked on the beach in nearby Krep, and pepper shopping.

Kep Crab

Kep Crab

Kep Crab

“I’ve even had friends drive for five hours to have crab here”
Kep Crab. Photo Credit: Lauren from
Lauren’s Life Changing Kep Crab and Kampot pepper experience

We have 8 Kampot peppercorns to give away!

Let’s make that 8 bags of peppercorns to give away.

Kampot pepper

For you?

In fact lets make that 8 gifts consisting of one bag of red peppercorns and one bag of black peppercorns so that you can taste the differences within this region. I use 2 parts red to 1 part black and words fail when trying to describe the X factor of the red peppercorns. There are also green and white Kampot peppercorns but these were not harvested when I motorcycled into town.

Kampot pepper

Gifts – one bag of black and one bag of red Kampot peppercorns from Cambodia

Leave a comment below or Like The Fragrant Man on Facebook to be in the random draw.

Winners announced here at month end April 2013

Kampot Market Camodia

Will you buy banana? Looking after in-law’s banana stall while they negotiated local prices for the pepper. Kampot Market, Cambodia.
Photo: Houv Tang

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22 responses to “Fragrant Ingredient Alert – Kampot Pepper – Giveaway

        • I think the release depends on the evaluation. Here is where that is at: Ginza in the Rain is like a breeze of ….. Full post coming soon. And yes, Alabaster Wrists is today’s trial: blended with the best intentions the outcome is…. coming soon!

          • Ok you two…stop conspiring….time and time again I say I am not a perfumer…just blending for my wonderful fragrant friends who inspire these fragrances and whom I love dearly!

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  2. I would buy a banana from you any day ….all kidding aside this was a great read and I would love to be entered in this draw!

  3. I love the 2nd photo of the crab on the bowls. I loved the sense of humour in this, from “When Pol Pot became the Director, sorry make that, Dictator” to the comment about MSG. (But who still has MSG in their kitchen??! Eeek!)

    You know what I would prefer in lieu of the peppercorns? You making that crab for me. But, since there is no way I’m going to be in your neck of the woods soon, I suspect I’ll settle for the pepper. 😉

  4. Dear Jordan
    Just fascinating.
    I had not an idea about this specialist pepper.
    Strange really as sometimes I think of myself as being pretty Roman in my attitude to the corns – regarding them as veritable senators amongst the spices.
    The chance to try something new is therefore an absolute must.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    • I am happy to introduce you; Perfumed Pepper meet The Perfumed Dandy. It is interesting how many men’s fragrances now have pepper notes including pink pepper (no idea what they are; marketing?). Best Bang Banged in a mortar and pestle.

  5. Those crabs look spectacular, as do the peppercorns. I hope I will be lucky enough to have the opportunity to sample the red vs. the black. Nothing beats the scent of raw ingredients.

    • You are in the draw Clamato. You are also so right about raw ingredients. I never could understand why people buy pre-ground pepper. Freshly ground onto a dish is aromatic and more tasty.

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  7. I was left pondering about the two bags of peppercorn that accompanied the Spikenard oil and the sample of Alabaster wrists that I won in The Perfumed Dandy’s part of the giveaway… Now I know what they are, awesome! Thank you so much for organizing this giveaway! I love the oils! I had no previous experience with spikenard but I find the spicy herbal scent so addictive! Alabaster Wrists is also such a delight! There is something very familiar about the scent but I can’t quite tell what I’m smelling, and it’s driving me crazy that I can’t remember what it is… 😉

  8. Hi Nadja, there will be a review soon of Alabaster Wrists – the ingredients but not the formula will be revealed! Thank you for popping back with your comments.

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