Australian album Sandalwood. What does it smell like?

A Series of Sandalwood Dreams – Part 7

We stepped back in time with Part 1 and Part 2 of this Series of Sandalwood Dreams. Then we looked at the planting of a sandalwood dream way back in 1999. We moved forward to September 2013 for the first harvest and then processed the dream without reference to Freud. Yesterday we looked at the distillation process.

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What does this Australian album sandalwood smell like?
I asked a Sufi Mystic who is also a Perfumer / Composer, an Aromatherapist, a movie star from Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and my mate Clayton Ilolahia who kindly supplied a photo of his organ and a formula for using this newly available oil.

You can read their reactions and impressions in Part 7 over at Basenotes; click here to web-travel.

Tomorrow there will be an opportunity for you to find out for yourself how Australian album smells.

A Series of Sandalwood Dreams
Basenotes – Part 1 – Myths and Legends
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Basenotes – Part 3 – Planting Santalum album in Australia 
Basenotes – Part 4 – Harvesting September 2013
Basenotes – Part 5 – Processing Sandalwood Logs
Basenotes – Part 6 – Distillation
Basenotes – Part 7 – What does it smell like?
Basenotes – Part 8 – Sandalwood Oil Giveaway

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