Guest Post by Carlos Huber – Smelling Waiheke Island

Carlos Huber jetted to the lands down under this month to launch Arquiste in New Zealand and Australia. We caught up with him on Waiheke, a wine-producing island in The Harbour of Sparkling Water, The Waitemata, in New Zealand. There is an interview to follow. Today let’s wander around Waiheke Island with Carlos and see what his nose found.

Guest Post by Carlos Huber

Carlos Huber Waiheke Island The Fragrant Man Arquiste

Waiheke Island

The Fragrant Man Carlos Huber Arquiste Wa

The strong, green and woody scent of clipped pines dividing certain cellar doors and vineyards

The Fragrant Man Carlos Huber Arquiste Waiheke Island

Young olives, smelling of a more pungent extra virgin olive oil, slightly bitter (you almost smell in the back of your mouth)

Carlos Huber Waiheke Island Arquiste The Fragrant Man

Scent-less but beautiful flower

Carlos Huber Waiheke Island The Fragrant Man Arquiste

Clay, earth, trees and shrubs, bathed by the salty sea and cooked by the warm sun

Arquiste Carlos Huber The Fragrant Man Waiheke

The salty, algae-full and swampy scent of bays in low-tide

The Fragrant Man Carlos Huber Arquiste Waiheke Island

Me at the beach!

Carlos Huber Waiheke Island The Fragrant Man Arquiste


Carlos Huber Arquiste The Fragrant Man Waiheke

The deep fruity, currant, and vanilla tones of Waiheke Shiraz, Cabernet and Bordeaux blends

Carlos Huber Arquiste Waiheke The Fragrant Man

Walking through the Waiheke “greenery”-
Wet earth, wood chips, fleshy vines

Carlos Huber Waiheke Island The Fragrant Man Arquiste

Collecting scents- honeysuckle plus sweet, honey-like Mediterranean flower.
Can anyone identify this flower from the petals?

Carlos Huber Waiheke Island The Fragrant Man Arquiste

Grass (dry and green), wild flowers, sand, volcanic earth

Carlos Huber The Fragrant Man Waiheke Island Arquiste

Me under the dusty, sunny olive trees at Stonyridge vineyards

Thank you Carlos for sharing these scents, your photos and thoughts.

A Sample pack of the entire Arquiste range will go to the person who correctly identifies the unidentified pink flower underneath the honeysuckle.

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41 responses to “Guest Post by Carlos Huber – Smelling Waiheke Island

  1. Hibiscus? What a stunning place! And such lovely photos. There are such contrasts there, especially with the pines, the sea, the olives and more that I almost can’t absorb it all at first glance. You have a spectacular country, Jordan!

  2. A rather handsome pink oleander, hmmm, maybe it is.
    You and Hibiscus are top of the list while we consult local botanists. Sure to be an exotic not a native.

  3. Such a beautiful post! Jordan, You, your blog and guest writers are just superb! It’s like a sensory journey every time I stop by. I must admit I don’t know the flower but I did google it. Is it double flowering peach or prunus persica?

    • No envy please Ginzaintherain. It is not a competition! I have been an admirer of your output for a long time and have refreshed myself with The Black Narcissus on many occasions as well as learning how to spell narcissus! Thank you for your comment which I will treasure. Your words have sillage.

    • Or a life time! Lots of daily commuters these days. How is that home on the cliff in the first photo?
      New to the island is an Oyster Bar called The Oyster Inn. The chef is Cristian Hossack who was previously the head chef at London’s Providores

  4. searched for hours and could only come up with Nerium oleander… I had an email sent to my work (Waiheke Island Visitor Information Center) asking of I could identify this flower for you. Fingers crossed I have helped in your discoveries!

    • It is a world wide search Elisha. Thank you for your input. Carlos now has a clue from his own sleuthing. Maybe the flower will inspire a perfume called called La Isla Waiheke!

      “All of nature wild and free, La Isla Bonita” – Madonna

  5. Ines, you have won the sample set of the entire Arquitse perfume range. Hours of delight in the olfactory heights.
    Please send me permission to send your mailing address to the Arquiste HQ in New York.

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  8. I wish I had seen this contest earlier. This grows practically everywhere here. Can’t even look away from the stuff!

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