Zahd – Slumberhouse – Reviews

Photo: Marco Chau Fragrantica Member, Hong Kong

Photo: Marco Chau
Hong Kong

125 bottles of Zahd were produced by Perfumer, Josh Lobb of Slumberhouse. They sold out in 24 hours in October 2013, despite a future delivery date that was several months later. Here is an index to various reviews of this never-to-be-recreated ‘fume which went through 80 iterations over the two year composition process.


FragranticaJordan River

CaFleureBonMark Behnke

On Exclusivity
Make Perfume not WarNancy Knows

6 responses to “Zahd – Slumberhouse – Reviews

    • Yes, with Portia! We negotiated visiting rights, spritzing rights and time-sharing rights in our refrigerated cabinets – all without a lawyer!

      Awaiting your review, Nancy because only your nose Knows. Now chime that temple bell made by the blind Tibetan monk – I know you have the set of 12.

      Ring the bells that still can ring,
      Forget your perfect offering,
      There is a crack in everything,
      That’s how the light gets in.

      Leonard Cohen

  1. I don’t like to read the reviews on this one because I hate to know what I’m missing. I knew it was going to be fabulous so why I didn’t get a bottle is beyond me. I’m glad you and Portia got some. You smell wonderful.

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